Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another day, another ramble....

Today I opted the busy way to the office - using the LDP- reason being that yesterday I got lost at Penchala, missed the turn at Mont Kiara and ended up somewhere almost entering Duke hhighway, so I en route back via NKVE to Damansara ending back where I started if I had taken the LDP and SPRINT to work. That's 5 highways and I was late. So I'm done looking for shortcuts to work. I am just going to go out early and use the same old road everyday. If I go out early enough I won't be late.


To perk me up from yesterday's incident I donned the new top I bought from PeepBoutique during last weekend's MOS event...

Love the embellishments. They are really preeetttty!!!!!!


And my new bag, which I bought from Nakalicious...

Not the real thing but hey, the feel is really good, is so value for money. Good for adding variety to my almost dying bag collection. I so need to change my wardrobe.


I have a date with Jo at the gym today. Finally, I get to drag my gym buddy for a workout. It has been so long and I have been slacking. So its time to stop taking the nasi lemak and start working out the beach body for my next island trip in June.


Care to place bets?

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