Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ho Yeah, Finally...a taste of Freedom

Yesterday, my final paper was sign sealed and ready to be delivered. phewh. Hati ni berbunga-bunga gembira because with that, 70% of the hard work and sweat has finally paid off and I am so relieved that it is now showing a clear sign that it'll be soon over.

So yeah....we can all take out our dancing shoes now and plan for the celebration party.

So hopefully with that my stretch of over 8.30pm stays in office will be put to an end and I can now focus on me, me and me. And of course, my blog that has been long neglected.


A couple of piccas taken last weekend from my visit to Villamay Spa @ Shah Alam...

At the patio...kena tangkap gambar sendiri sebab Wen Chu and Komala tetiba bail on me! Jahat betul. Baru ingat nak bersuka ria with spa day out....

The bungalow turn spa is a heavenly sanctuary.....

They have running water practically everywhere, even inside the treatment room. Cool aite???

Aku suka e bila banyak air ni.


Last but not the least...i hung out here when I was done enjoying my book, my guava juice and cuppies. By then it was mildly raining and the air was so cooling, its like chilling at my very own private and lush living room.

Oh my, kalau tiap-tiap hari macam ni kan best!

Now am looking forward to next weekend, sebab if all plans fall in place I'll be running out of town on the 15th! *grin*


Sweettooth said...

babe, let's go together next time nak?

Zuraida said...

boleh2. eh, i ingat nak try khareyana tau. have u been there?

Sweettooth said...

nope i haven't. selalu lalu je..