Sunday, April 4, 2010

My sunday is actually a monday...and so it was over the past 3 weeks...

....hish. Tak boleh jadi ni. Asyik kerja weekend je. Takde life ke?

Oh yeah, the same question I actually asked myself last Friday when I am all pissed and angry about having to work so hard.

*hahahahah.yeah. dah sampai naik gila dah. seriously*

Akan tetapi.....

The time off yesterday to unwind did quite good on me. By the time I hit the sack I am all energised and feeling so good, I wish I had a couple of days off and I can do what I did yesterday everyday for a week.

Hahahahah. Dah dapat betis nak peha.

I started off my (only) day off (this week) by going to BeYoga for a Hot Yoga session. Deep inside I felt a huge guilt feeling since I have been skipping my yoga class for about 2 months now, but then hey, tak boleh stop lagi dah. I am starting to gain weight again and that is not a good sign. So back to yoga....again.

It's a gruelling one hour class. Dah la panas, my rhythm was totally off and I can't manage to control my racing heartbeat. Sigh. But I didn't give up. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll get my mojo back and manage to be more focus and centred. If you look at me yesterday I rasa macam badut je. Grrrr. Itula, sape suruh ikutkan sangat kerja lambat kan?


How I wish.....

After the one hour yoga I did a quick 1 hour run, and later showered and went to VillaMay Byyu Spa in Section 7 Shah Alam.

Guess what?

That's the best decision I made all week.


The place is so cool. Its a posh bungalow turned spa in balinese interiors that is oh-so-to-die -for. I love the patio and the open air shower and bath tub....rasa macam puteri raja pulak. *grin*. As you enter the spa there's a very comfy/homey patio that's decorated with lush sofa's....I like it so much I left only an hour after my spa treatment ended just lounging at the patio and reading the book I took with me, while enjoying my guava juice and cuppies.

Just thinking about it took me to heaven.

I took up the 3 hour body treatment package - its a top to toe indulgence since I got a free hair spa treatment as well. Oh my, the service is OTT, I definitely will go back to that place again.



So takpe la that this week started early kan?

They should pay me more. I don't mind working off my ass if I get to unwind this way frequently.



Anonymous said...

kak zue..
if i may ask, how much is the 3hrs spa treatment?? ;)


Zuraida said...


Its RM205 - the peackage includes foot bath, floral bath, urut and facial - and they give out 2 cuppies and guava juice at the end. But since this month ada promo, they gave me a free hair spa treatment on top of the all the more love.

ok kan?