Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh God thank Goodness is Thursday..... more day then me and my two best buddies are hitting the spa!!!

Big Hooray!!!!!

I so need the time out. Dah rasa macam nak naik gila dah kat ofis ni. In fact, with the very few exercise this last one month I think I am getting even more bonkers....lets all blame it to the lack of oxygen. Ye lah, I dont think I can breath that well anymore. Half of the time I felt suffocated.

It will be a great break.

On the other hand, a new month had just begun and as usual, reporting macam biasa. Just that the load is a bit too much this round coz deadline is a bit tight.


Tak sabarnya nak tunggu the day when all of this ruckoos will be over. Hopefully in 3 weeks all is done and I can start being the good jolly ol' me.


Signing off for now. Nanti kalau bos nampak dia ingat aku tak buat kerja. Padahal aku lah yang stay paling lama.


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