Thursday, April 29, 2010

On being tardy free

Oh crap...its almost 2pm and I am yet to conclude compiling my stuff. Damn. Banyak nak mati kena compile, aku dah rasa macam kena tubuhkan one specific department khas untuk buat kerja compile-compile ni. Because seriously, its getting pretty absurd.

Sigh. Complain je gheti.


Anyways, I came up with a new resolution yesterday. I am going to be tardy free and I vow to be at office by 8.15am every day. Reason being my boss sudah marah tak hengat kata I selalu datang lewat.

*FYI, lewat is after 8.35am, lewat seminit pun kira lewat....agak damn di situ*


So far it has been two days and I have succesfully clock in at 7.54am and 8.08am respectively. Huge brava!!!!! But then mind you, sape terserempak I awal-awal pagi memang kena bersiap sedia untuk mati pengsan because I look freaking horrible - the hair is a mess, the make-up - as usual- practically non-existent.


The upside in walking in early is that after clocking my time in I still have about 20 minutes or so to do my make-up in the ladies room. Hohoho. So sekarang ni baru berbaloi carry make-up here and there.....coz finally I get to spend time doing my make-up before jumping in at work.

Itu satu statement yang bos I never really quite get it.

Because he never realised that all this while eventhough I am about one or two minutes late, I will immediately sit on my desk and charging to work. But since he's so unhappy that I am tardy, I came in early, and end up doing my make up and later went for breakfast outside till about 8.45 am, in which only then I started work.

Hiss loss.


On top of that I also vow to.......clock out 5.30 sharp daily!!!!

Take that! Muahahahahahah!!!!



Sweettooth said...

tq, babe :). nanti free YM me.

Zuraida said...

no worries.
i have a 3pm deadline....which is runnging pretty fast sebab i sibuk check email but then later when im done i buzz u okay???


p/s : dear john sangat best....i hampir menangis from start to end.

napela men like those only exist in movies???

Sweettooth said...

hahaha my other girl friends juga menangis....