Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring (cleaning) break....

Orang bercuti pergi jalan-jalan, I bercuti dok kemas umah. There's a pros and cons there, the house is much cleaner and spacey now....thanks to the fact that I trashed almost half of the things I longer use or need.

Such as.....
*all the shoes that are broken, old etc*

Resulting to more space at the shoe rack....

It boggles me after clearing up such a huge amount of shoes I still have 30 good ones.


I also cleared the third room....

From bags that i over 5 years, and other crap I've been piling over the years which are practically useless.

Now I can go get new bags and shoes.


Maybe when I cleared my wardrobe next weekend then I can decide on more clothes.

That means.....

.....the next couple of weeks we'll be shopping.


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