Monday, April 5, 2010

When I can't curse at work......

...I improvised.


It hasn't always been like that....the cursing I mean. There was once upon a time when I am all polite and go shocked-in-awe everything a curse is uttered, especially those that bring God's name to vain. But then over the years I learn to be bolder....I blame it on peer pressure and massive traffic jam......cursing seems to be a standard form of frustration release in pressing times.... now.

It's definitely not the most ideal time to be miss goody two shoes. Kalau baik sangat jadi timun. Be too nice kene too tolerable kena buli. Either way mashed. (oh yeah, sekarang ni sangat terasa seperti timun. sigh!). So from time to time I have to unleashed the bolder (more stronger) side of me and fight back.

That comeswith missy lasermouth who is not so nice.


Tak baik la kan kalau asyik cursing openly kan. Terejut akak-kak kat ofis nanti. So most of the time I replaced shit with shoot, and lay off the F word.

Tapi sebab stress....shoot was mentioned too many a times. To a point one day my boss (who from out of no where wa standing next to my seat) suddenbly utters....

"tak payah shoot shoot"


Damn you.

Don't let me even start with all the hissy fits I am starting to throw around during the day.


I hate throwing hissy fits. It makes me feel like I am a bad person. But then kalau dah terpaksa what to do kan?

Better speak up. Kalau tak nanti kena buli.

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