Monday, May 31, 2010

Acai Berry My Kitty

I came home with my first bottle of Acai Berry supplement today, all excited to kickstart taking it because I am so desperate for a better looking skin. (Mengaku la diri ni kena la start ambik health supplements....).As soon as I step through my door I was already greeted by Izzy and Bobo, who sems to be all excited to see me.

Okayla, only Bobo was all excited. Izzy just gave me a blank stare. Ntahla, lately dia macam spara merajuk with me. Tak abis lagi marah after I took her to the vet for vaccination.

So I went straight to the kitchen and removed the cap to the Acai Berry bottle. Izzy jumped as soon as she sees the traces of plastic seal on the floor. I don't really understand this fad with plastic she's having......but its looks like she's having a jolly good time.

Bobo on the other hand trails me while I took two spoonfull of Acai Berry concentrate into a glass filled with cool water, and patiently waited till I'm done.

As I finished my last sip, he starts sniffing the cup. Non-stop.

Oh, Bobo pun nak minum Acai Berry ye?

Suddenly I heard Izzy gagged.

Oh my god, dia nak makan the plastic seal. Seriously, does plastic taste that good?

Damn you.

Harusla kena tangkap, mouth forced open and cepat-cepat I extract the small piece of plastic seal out of her mouth.

And while I was busy with Izzy.....

.....Bobo sibuk lick my empty glass.


What a handfull. Kucing pun dah pandai nak vain these days.

The concentrate might do well dearie.....not the plastic.

Me.....the Project Machai.

I was helping out on an internal project and we were coming up with the project tree , listing nominated people to be involved in the project, who should be invited for what meeting and arranging the time and venue.

As denoted in the title, my contribution is pretty small. i'm just practically an assistant and a shadow. So while discussing with the project leader.....

Him : Eh, what should we put here?

Me : Emmm, you're the Project manager and Madam should be the Project Leader.

Him : The you?

Me : I'm the shadow.

Him : No la, We put project member la.

Me : No I'm the shadow. I shadow only.

Him : Or you want to put Project Machai. You think the Mat Salleh would know ah?

*duh.tetiba je dapat title*

Perhaps betul la kot. Since I'll be doing the dirty work. That seems like a suitable title. Shadow sounds a bit like an understatement when we look back at my project description.


project machai me.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Live...from National Library Kuala Lumpur.....


It has been more than decade since I last set foot at this building, frankly speaking it hasn't changed much. Perhaps back then it looks uber grand, but that was before I ever set foot at UiTM's main campus's library....which is a total blackhole. One can get lost in it and never found its way out, so imagine the feeling when I first walk past the security entrance.....I suddenly flinch.....

.....ini je ke?

Okay, sangat tak baik. Especially its a treasure chest of knowledge.

However, my visit was a tad dissapointing. Not that I did not find what I came for, I did. Akan tetapi all my excitement was crushed when akak kat kaunter look at me and smiled....

"Sorry dik, section ni for reference only. Tak boleh bawak keluar"

*muka merah padam. blergh.damn*

Its after 5pm already by then, and the line at the photocopy area is a bit too long to make it before 6pm when the place entirely closes. So I abandon the books I took on a trolley and left.

Okay, so aku agak stress di situ...
Oh my, I desperately need a haircut.


Meeting F at KLCC, and hopefully Tina later tonight. You guys have a good night's rest, tomorrow's a new week!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The story of two little kitties who hates to clean their ears.....

My two little gems have a huge problem - their ear wax ooze like drain and tuhan saje yang tahu betapa susahnya to get them to calm down so that I can clean them properly. At least Izzy's ear wax was easy to clean (despite her huge struggle to break free) as compared to Bobo's yang macam berkeping-keping aku pun stress tengok yesterday when my mom was home I got her to clean their ears for me.... which is sangat keji. Hahahahahh!

Tapi kalau u tengok macam mana Izzy struggle sumpah you pun tak kuasa nak bersihkan telinga dia tau!

Nasib ko la labu.....dapat general Mommy to clean your ears! hahahahah! Mommy macam ala-ala no mercy okay, bersihkan sampai takde a point that we wrapped Izzy with a towel so she stopped struggling.

Sumpah sangat kelakar!

Itulah, next time jangan cakar-cakar I time I bersihkan telinga! Hahahahah!

Now that that is out of the way, lega hati ni nak bawak those two to the vet later. Hahahhah. Boleh la berbangga bawak kucing telinga bersih.


Quote for the day

Perhaps it makes sense to forgive, as pain reminds us that we are indeed human.

If someone hurts you, betrays you, or breaks your heart,
forgive them for
they have helped you learn about trust
and the importance of being cautious to whom you open your heart.

But don't expect us not to be human.

Forget, we shall not.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I am writing because I know this will be read by the person its intended to....

It has been an emotional roller coaster over the past couple of days, so angin malas to update melanda. I hate to indulge the story, for I hate it being brought up now that most of the things are in the past....what I don't understand is why the hell should it be an issue when everything is already said and done and well far behind everyone?

I know for one thing there's no point re-analysing what had happened, because choices are made and everyone claimed to be happy already. Fine. I am happy too. I am glad that I found myself again, that after all these years being lost and deluded I finally get to stand on my own two feet and realised that I have somewhat lost my way. That after all the pain and grief I finally found out that I manage to live on my own anyway, and what I have is actually enough for me....and at some point, even more blessed than many out there who are less fortunate. And despite my imperfection, there are friends and family next to me who loved me unconditionally.

Eventhough its not the kind of love I crave for. Im still loved. And for that I am grateful.

Though its hard for you to believe it,it seems that my single status is bothering you.

Trust me. Being single and carefree is better than having a partner and be emotionally strained all the time.

Saw Ninie Ahmad's tweet on twitter today and realised something....

Perhaps its best that you leave me alone.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sakit gigi tahap gila gaban......

In which should explain why I've been quite for the past couple of days....

To make things worse I have ear infection and major headache to a point that I can kick ass. The doctor had to give me a jab. Agak saiko di situ sebab ponstan pun tak jalan. Apa kes bila 3 bijik ponstan sekali telan pun takde effect???

Akan tetapi....

...Uphamol 650 memang terbaik. *grin*. Two tablet of that thing makes you feel just nice, three is heaven. hahahahah. Okay, self medication is not good. Please don't do this at home. Sila dapat nasihat doktor yang bertauliah so that takde future side effect yang mendatangkan mudarat.

I slept the whole day yesterday and I wish I can still do the same today.Tapi macam agak keji la kan kalau MC dua hari berturut-turut, Bukannya cabut gigi pun.

In which I Ithink I should seriously consider.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gila farmville

After giving upthe game for about 2 months, I am (yet again) hooked with the game, thanks to the fact that now I am a bit free and in between things to do, I start planting a plot or two.....jeez, stress betul tengok ladang orang berkembang girang......

Sad thing was halfway farming suddenly the apps keep crashing. Huarghhh!!!! Tensionnya,dah la gigih tengah nak jadi peladang berjaya, tetiba je tak boleh sync la, tak boleh load la....

Bikin sakit hati saje!


Anyways, do add me as neighbours ya.....I need a couple more neighbours to upgrade my farm.




Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh manisnya!!!!!

On monday we celebrated the birthday of a collegue of mine, and got this cake from Kak Nani after recommendation from ms Nina Sweettooth......

*Strawberry moist choc cake*


Seriously, this cake is pure definition of death by chocolate. makan sikit dah sugar high. in a good way.

To Ms Julia happy Bday ya! Semoga panjang umur murah rezeki. Tahun depan kita buat lagi!!!!


OD'ed on Kitties

Last weekend ikut Shasha pergi Klang to adopt a kitty. My initial hajat tu nak dapatkan kawan for Izzy, ye lah, she's at home most of the time while I'm working and macam kesian pulak dia main sorang-sorang kan (and to tell you the truth, takut la kot one day Izzy ni jadi anti-sosial ke apa) so when Shasha said that there's this auntie in Klang who's generously giving away her cats yang sangat kiut miut then I can't resist myself to cepat-cepat angkat tangan and "Nak satu!!!!".

Oh yes, in a zippy.

So Shasha picked me up bright and early on Saturday and we head to Klang (yang macam a lost frontier to me, jauh nak mati....) and guess what, memang kucing-kucing tu kiut miut okay....especially this one.....

*Kan kan kan???? Comel, gemuk, gebu....i like!!!!*

Auntie got 5 kittens to give away and she's also giving away some of her "matured" cats to those who wants to adopt them. Seriously, I pun teruja sampai sanggup make a couple of calls asking around if any of my friends wanted any. Dipendekkan cerits, we brought home 3 carrier filled with kitties.....

*oh minta belas ihsan*

Shasha took two and I took 4, one for myself, two for a collegue of mine and another one for my mom's friend. When I got home as usual Izzy dah start tunggu depan pintu, tengok la muka dia when she saw all the carriers....

*apa semua ni?*

I settled them down separately from Izzy, coz Izzy got a bit feisty once she sees so many cats in the house. Obviously she became a little bit territorial la kan. But then Izzy ni penakot tahap gaban, ada ke gaduh ngan kucing kecik pastu bila the small cat lashes back she (the big cat) run's away????

Oh yes, Izzy ran and hid behind the tv.

And spent the whole day just watching.

I settled them all in the main toilet where Izzy use to be and they all seem pretty relaxed. hahahahah!!!! Mesti la.....dulu dok umah atas tanah, sekarang dok kondo.


Well, My collegues took two of the kittens over the weekend, and to tell you the truth I kinda missed them already, sebab they were so kat umah tinggal my mom's friends cat and my new kitten, Bobo.....

One good thing about Bobo is that he listens. Pandai ikut arahan okay. So far I say "masuk" dia masuk. I kata "jangan keluar" dia dok senyap-senyap. So sangat senang nak jaga.

Plus dia tak cari gaduh ngan Izzy.....

But for a new kitten dia cepat je get comfy on my bed. Dulu Izzy nak dok atas katil pun kena paksa and it took me 2 weeks. Si Bobo ni suka suka je lepak atas bantak sambil layan I tengok Leverage.

Oh and he' a male cat. Bagus la both of my cats a re TV freaks like me. We can now all sit quietly in front of the tv and be teletubbies.


I think Izzy is a bit taken a back with all her new buddies. The first day we have all of them Izzy macam merajuk je ngan I, every time I get near her she would run away....

*pose merajuk*

Takpe la. My sister will be around later tonight. She tends to layan Izzy more than I do, so maybe lepas ni takde la dia merajuk sangat....

Tuesday blues...agak sehari lambat di situ....

I am kinda moody lately, despite having all my jobs well done and tucked away, I still feel.....hmmm...agak malas. And thats a huge problem. Sigh. Maybe i need to go on a holiday. Damn it there's a reason why I booked May annual leaves in the first place, I don't know what went through my head when I actually agreed to push it to June.

Because seriously, I think i need to get away. Pronto.

On another note, I manage to stay tardy free since the past 3 weeks thanks to the vow I made not so long ago to0 prove to a certain someone someone that I am not a lost cause.......that I am in fact capable of being in the office on time. In fact, I have been tabbing in at by 8.15 daily (in most days....about 8am) when my office time starts at 8.30. I know i know, not a biggie la kan since everyone else semua datang awal pun tak kecoh but then hey, this same time last year I'm not even at the office till sometime close to 9.30am (oh yes, macam ofis tu aku yang punya la kan) so this is a huge improvement.

*wink wink*

Sumpah lepas ni kalau tak well compensated aku demotivated. sebab seriously, clock out bukannya sharp 5.30pm pun. Though I could if I want to la kan, most of the time of course la kena try abiskan kerja before balik so tak terkinja-kinja the next day kan?

Oh hey we got a new kitty!!!!! Thanks to Shasha I got to get Bobo to teman Izzy at home. Nanti we upload the piccas yeah. hahahha! So excited. So far Bobo is adjusting well....but then Izzy buat aksi-aksi merajuk la to a point she's purposely ignoring me tapi takut la kot-kot Izzy betul-betual ambik hati, so I made an effort to actually pick her up and layan her more.

So much effort to so that whe won't get depressed.


Piccas coming up!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The thing about very very very high heels shoes.....

Have you guys seen Iron Man 2?I love love love Ironman 2 (tak kesah la kalau orang kata lousy pun) sampai tak kisah tengok that movie twice....because seriously I am loving Scarlet Johanson in the movie.....

.....because she's freaking hot?

Did you see how she took down the whole army in the facility???

And to think that her husband is the baddie who got his mouth sewn shut in X-Mens Origines:Wolverine.....phewh, what a duo.

Both hubby and wifey are hot peeps. So lucky.


Did I tell you my new shoes from thekookything dah sampai?

Its freaking awesome. hahahahhah! *macam la awesome is the word of the day* And they're all 4 inch pumps and mary janes, so you can imagine my excitement la.

But then, I felt like I'm walking like Pepper all day long.


Again. Did you see how she walk as she came out of the limo to the hall at before the race?

Macam penguin okay!


Not that I hate her. I love pepper. I love her heels, it looks so cool...but now I understand why she walked the way she did.

It must have been too high.


Tapi wth! Lantakla jalan macam penguin. yang penting kasut sexy. *grin* No pain no gain kan???

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Corporate zombie hollering bitchiness......

Can I rant about work??? Can I complain???? I don't want to be ungrateful. I am obviously blessed with a stable job and whatnot but then sheesh, I felt as if the workload is getting over the board already...and I definitely feel like a zombie right now...

*the sexy version of me....pale faced, with rims around my eyes yet, still hot!*

Wakakakakakakaaa.....okay, masuk bakul angkat sendiri.

The thing is I always think that "its okay -fill in the blank- will finish by - fill in the blank- " but then it practically seems never ending because by the time -fill in the blank- is done, a new -fill in the blank- starts piling on my desk.....some time even before left the desk.

Get it?

Thats a lot of -fill in the blank- .

When I first started out agak best jugak la because the workload was okay, and I felt like I can have a sense of balance between work and personal obligations sampai boleh fix my time to do yoga and gym 5 times a week. Yeah, 5 kali seminggu yo, macam mana la aku tak loose weight kan? But since January the schedule has been haywire, stress toksah cerita la kan and I can kiss my fixed exercise regime goodbye....if I even have the energy to exercise on weekends tu kira a blessing in disguise la tu....

...because seriously, I'm exhausted.

Is it old age? That thing that makes me feel burnt out after a days work and start hopelessly complaining after 3 months of chaos?

I hate looking at my face in the mirror lately.

It looks bloated and pale - from lack of oxygen.

Jerawat naik!!!!! - gilo stress.

Ada dark circle - and OMG, I never have siap ada itsy bitsy fine lines.

Mana tak rasa vainnya???

Its may already. Thank God for that. Hopefully time will pass in a blink of an eye sebab seriously, I can't wait to go to Abu Dhabi to meet Che Farah in December.


Monday, May 3, 2010

On having a perfectly lined eyes....

Misi hari ini adalah untuk medapatkan mata yang I packed my make-up case before I left for office and made sure that I have my devillish Maybeline gel eyeliner and my Stilla eyepots to go a long with it....and as soon as I get a minute to breathe I scurried to the ladies to achieve something like this....

*oh sexy kan? the eyepot had a slightly goldish brownish color just like this....*

And guess what, I am so lucky my hands were freaking steady today I have (almost) achieved a perfect line....with only one line of smudge.

Hooray! itu satu perkembngan okay. Selalunya I have to spend at least 15 minutes lining my eyes with gel eyeliners, itu pun kena ada my make-up remover handy 24-7 sebab selalu smudge tahap dewa. But today tidak terjadi!!!! Aku sangat happy....

*pakai eyeliner pun boleh happy???....*

Oh yes....

...coz it makes my eyes look more define, quite a number actually complimented on it today.

Harus buat selalu ni.


Ni belum pakai mascara lagi......


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Random sunday blues

It has been a long weekend. Since Friday I have been tending to my cat and cleaning the house and its not easy peasy, I think its kinda tiring. But I did manage to scoot away and went to the movies for Iron Man 2 (again...its crazy. I watched it twice in the first week, gilo!) and had a great time melantak ayam penyet at the Curve. Now I think I am having carbo withdrawal symptoms, since major diet starts today (ho yeah, today!) and gosh my neighbour just cooked quite a meal it smells so good.....

.....I feel like smashing my head to the wall.

Damn you neighbour!

Since I have been busy with work lately I am a bit offbeat with the blogging world. Memang sah sangat la kan since my entries pun macam sipi-sipi je kan, and as I bloghopped today I was shocked that a certain blogger actually sued another blogger for defamation.

Apa ko gila ka? Sampai saman-menyaman?

To tell the truth kalau perangai ko sendiri tak semenggah mana and kerja ko pun tikam menikam sesama sendiri tak payah la nak sibuk saman-saman orang. Sigh. Buat malu kat hakim je nanti. Because seriously, its not defamation when you did all the damage yourself, and others simply pointed out what you actually did.

In which case it is a case of pointing fingers, but then dah memang serious obvious kan so can you blame others for pointing in the first place?


And have you read the post? OMG, kalau tak gheti cakap BI bahasa kebangsaan kita bahasa melayu. I suppose people wont crack jokes if you just use proper malay words as opposed to cracked-head-english that makes mental patients makes more sense.

Seriously.....silence is a beauty?


That is so not amusing.


Chill. Orang yang dapat NOD pun cool. I suppose in a couple of months this will just evaporate to thin air and people will just smirk and go "what? did that ever happen?"


Back to work.

Despite being a weekend I still have work tapau'ed back and I am only a quarter of a way done. Mampusla esok masuk ofis kena tiau kaw-kaw punya kalau tak siap. So I suppose I can just suppress my carbo withdrawal simptoms by just focussing on work and later go for an early night cap.

Sounds like a plan...