Monday, May 31, 2010

Acai Berry My Kitty

I came home with my first bottle of Acai Berry supplement today, all excited to kickstart taking it because I am so desperate for a better looking skin. (Mengaku la diri ni kena la start ambik health supplements....).As soon as I step through my door I was already greeted by Izzy and Bobo, who sems to be all excited to see me.

Okayla, only Bobo was all excited. Izzy just gave me a blank stare. Ntahla, lately dia macam spara merajuk with me. Tak abis lagi marah after I took her to the vet for vaccination.

So I went straight to the kitchen and removed the cap to the Acai Berry bottle. Izzy jumped as soon as she sees the traces of plastic seal on the floor. I don't really understand this fad with plastic she's having......but its looks like she's having a jolly good time.

Bobo on the other hand trails me while I took two spoonfull of Acai Berry concentrate into a glass filled with cool water, and patiently waited till I'm done.

As I finished my last sip, he starts sniffing the cup. Non-stop.

Oh, Bobo pun nak minum Acai Berry ye?

Suddenly I heard Izzy gagged.

Oh my god, dia nak makan the plastic seal. Seriously, does plastic taste that good?

Damn you.

Harusla kena tangkap, mouth forced open and cepat-cepat I extract the small piece of plastic seal out of her mouth.

And while I was busy with Izzy.....

.....Bobo sibuk lick my empty glass.


What a handfull. Kucing pun dah pandai nak vain these days.

The concentrate might do well dearie.....not the plastic.

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