Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Corporate zombie hollering bitchiness......

Can I rant about work??? Can I complain???? I don't want to be ungrateful. I am obviously blessed with a stable job and whatnot but then sheesh, I felt as if the workload is getting over the board already...and I definitely feel like a zombie right now...

*the sexy version of me....pale faced, with rims around my eyes yet, still hot!*

Wakakakakakakaaa.....okay, masuk bakul angkat sendiri.

The thing is I always think that "its okay -fill in the blank- will finish by - fill in the blank- " but then it practically seems never ending because by the time -fill in the blank- is done, a new -fill in the blank- starts piling on my desk.....some time even before left the desk.

Get it?

Thats a lot of -fill in the blank- .

When I first started out agak best jugak la because the workload was okay, and I felt like I can have a sense of balance between work and personal obligations sampai boleh fix my time to do yoga and gym 5 times a week. Yeah, 5 kali seminggu yo, macam mana la aku tak loose weight kan? But since January the schedule has been haywire, stress toksah cerita la kan and I can kiss my fixed exercise regime goodbye....if I even have the energy to exercise on weekends tu kira a blessing in disguise la tu....

...because seriously, I'm exhausted.

Is it old age? That thing that makes me feel burnt out after a days work and start hopelessly complaining after 3 months of chaos?

I hate looking at my face in the mirror lately.

It looks bloated and pale - from lack of oxygen.

Jerawat naik!!!!! - gilo stress.

Ada dark circle - and OMG, I never have any....now siap ada itsy bitsy fine lines.

Mana tak rasa vainnya???

Its may already. Thank God for that. Hopefully time will pass in a blink of an eye sebab seriously, I can't wait to go to Abu Dhabi to meet Che Farah in December.


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