Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I am writing because I know this will be read by the person its intended to....

It has been an emotional roller coaster over the past couple of days, so angin malas to update melanda. I hate to indulge the story, for I hate it being brought up now that most of the things are in the past....what I don't understand is why the hell should it be an issue when everything is already said and done and well far behind everyone?

I know for one thing there's no point re-analysing what had happened, because choices are made and everyone claimed to be happy already. Fine. I am happy too. I am glad that I found myself again, that after all these years being lost and deluded I finally get to stand on my own two feet and realised that I have somewhat lost my way. That after all the pain and grief I finally found out that I manage to live on my own anyway, and what I have is actually enough for me....and at some point, even more blessed than many out there who are less fortunate. And despite my imperfection, there are friends and family next to me who loved me unconditionally.

Eventhough its not the kind of love I crave for. Im still loved. And for that I am grateful.

Though its hard for you to believe it,it seems that my single status is bothering you.

Trust me. Being single and carefree is better than having a partner and be emotionally strained all the time.

Saw Ninie Ahmad's tweet on twitter today and realised something....

Perhaps its best that you leave me alone.


mylife said...

hi babe... take it easy okay... although its hard to ignore, do try to ignore all this "what ppl think or wants"...

not everytime u can cater to other ppls needs and wants... at certain point, being selfish is just the right thing to do for our own sake...

and lantak p lah if he/she tak puas hati ngan what u r, tak kira dulu, kini dan selamanya, if org tu tak ikhlas, then apa apa, bila bila pon, mmg semua pon tak kena...


ladyLOVESleisure said...

salam babe,

i jarang2 tinggal comments here but i rasa terpanggil untuk mneinggalkan jejak. i sangat2 agree dgn Ninie's tweet. some people live on other ppl's misery. lagi kita sedih, lagi dia suka. ada ramai org macam ni kat dunia. tugas kita adalah untuk identify these ppl against the good ones yang genuinely supportive and always want the best for us. you seem like a strong and feisty gal. i am sure deep in his/her heart they know this and perhaps it bothers them a little that you are surviving just fine despite all that happened.

you have proven to yourself that you could do it, that is to stand on your own two feet and to move on with your life. say good bye to them, semoga Allah buka kan hati mereka untuk doakan yg terbaik2 aje untuk you.

take care, babe!

Zuraida said...


yes.that is so true!tapi still, diorang ingat kita ni batu ke? obviously terasa la kan....especially when you did almost nothing.


Dear LadyLoveLeisure,

Thanks for the words of wisdom. May us all be guided for the best.



Ninie Ahmad said...

Thanks for sharing that here, babe!

Here's another tweet of mine I hope could be useful for you and everyone!

“Be who you are & say what you feel because those who mind don't matter & those who matter don't mind.” DR SEUSS
3:25 PM May 18th via TweetDeck

Cheer up!


Zuraida said...

Thanks Ninie!

You have a safe trip okay! Will see you when you get back!