Sunday, May 30, 2010

Live...from National Library Kuala Lumpur.....


It has been more than decade since I last set foot at this building, frankly speaking it hasn't changed much. Perhaps back then it looks uber grand, but that was before I ever set foot at UiTM's main campus's library....which is a total blackhole. One can get lost in it and never found its way out, so imagine the feeling when I first walk past the security entrance.....I suddenly flinch.....

.....ini je ke?

Okay, sangat tak baik. Especially its a treasure chest of knowledge.

However, my visit was a tad dissapointing. Not that I did not find what I came for, I did. Akan tetapi all my excitement was crushed when akak kat kaunter look at me and smiled....

"Sorry dik, section ni for reference only. Tak boleh bawak keluar"

*muka merah padam. blergh.damn*

Its after 5pm already by then, and the line at the photocopy area is a bit too long to make it before 6pm when the place entirely closes. So I abandon the books I took on a trolley and left.

Okay, so aku agak stress di situ...
Oh my, I desperately need a haircut.


Meeting F at KLCC, and hopefully Tina later tonight. You guys have a good night's rest, tomorrow's a new week!


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