Monday, May 31, 2010

Me.....the Project Machai.

I was helping out on an internal project and we were coming up with the project tree , listing nominated people to be involved in the project, who should be invited for what meeting and arranging the time and venue.

As denoted in the title, my contribution is pretty small. i'm just practically an assistant and a shadow. So while discussing with the project leader.....

Him : Eh, what should we put here?

Me : Emmm, you're the Project manager and Madam should be the Project Leader.

Him : The you?

Me : I'm the shadow.

Him : No la, We put project member la.

Me : No I'm the shadow. I shadow only.

Him : Or you want to put Project Machai. You think the Mat Salleh would know ah?

*duh.tetiba je dapat title*

Perhaps betul la kot. Since I'll be doing the dirty work. That seems like a suitable title. Shadow sounds a bit like an understatement when we look back at my project description.


project machai me.

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