Sunday, May 2, 2010

Random sunday blues

It has been a long weekend. Since Friday I have been tending to my cat and cleaning the house and its not easy peasy, I think its kinda tiring. But I did manage to scoot away and went to the movies for Iron Man 2 (again...its crazy. I watched it twice in the first week, gilo!) and had a great time melantak ayam penyet at the Curve. Now I think I am having carbo withdrawal symptoms, since major diet starts today (ho yeah, today!) and gosh my neighbour just cooked quite a meal it smells so good.....

.....I feel like smashing my head to the wall.

Damn you neighbour!

Since I have been busy with work lately I am a bit offbeat with the blogging world. Memang sah sangat la kan since my entries pun macam sipi-sipi je kan, and as I bloghopped today I was shocked that a certain blogger actually sued another blogger for defamation.

Apa ko gila ka? Sampai saman-menyaman?

To tell the truth kalau perangai ko sendiri tak semenggah mana and kerja ko pun tikam menikam sesama sendiri tak payah la nak sibuk saman-saman orang. Sigh. Buat malu kat hakim je nanti. Because seriously, its not defamation when you did all the damage yourself, and others simply pointed out what you actually did.

In which case it is a case of pointing fingers, but then dah memang serious obvious kan so can you blame others for pointing in the first place?


And have you read the post? OMG, kalau tak gheti cakap BI bahasa kebangsaan kita bahasa melayu. I suppose people wont crack jokes if you just use proper malay words as opposed to cracked-head-english that makes mental patients makes more sense.

Seriously.....silence is a beauty?


That is so not amusing.


Chill. Orang yang dapat NOD pun cool. I suppose in a couple of months this will just evaporate to thin air and people will just smirk and go "what? did that ever happen?"


Back to work.

Despite being a weekend I still have work tapau'ed back and I am only a quarter of a way done. Mampusla esok masuk ofis kena tiau kaw-kaw punya kalau tak siap. So I suppose I can just suppress my carbo withdrawal simptoms by just focussing on work and later go for an early night cap.

Sounds like a plan...

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Anonymous said...

hi zue,
i know wut are u talking about hehe, kechoh je kan nak saman2 nie seriously malu jer baca blog RM tue hehe.