Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The story of two little kitties who hates to clean their ears.....

My two little gems have a huge problem - their ear wax ooze like drain and tuhan saje yang tahu betapa susahnya to get them to calm down so that I can clean them properly. At least Izzy's ear wax was easy to clean (despite her huge struggle to break free) as compared to Bobo's yang macam berkeping-keping aku pun stress tengok yesterday when my mom was home I got her to clean their ears for me.... which is sangat keji. Hahahahahh!

Tapi kalau u tengok macam mana Izzy struggle sumpah you pun tak kuasa nak bersihkan telinga dia tau!

Nasib ko la labu.....dapat general Mommy to clean your ears! hahahahah! Mommy macam ala-ala no mercy okay, bersihkan sampai takde a point that we wrapped Izzy with a towel so she stopped struggling.

Sumpah sangat kelakar!

Itulah, next time jangan cakar-cakar I time I bersihkan telinga! Hahahahah!

Now that that is out of the way, lega hati ni nak bawak those two to the vet later. Hahahhah. Boleh la berbangga bawak kucing telinga bersih.


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