Thursday, May 6, 2010

The thing about very very very high heels shoes.....

Have you guys seen Iron Man 2?I love love love Ironman 2 (tak kesah la kalau orang kata lousy pun) sampai tak kisah tengok that movie twice....because seriously I am loving Scarlet Johanson in the movie.....

.....because she's freaking hot?

Did you see how she took down the whole army in the facility???

And to think that her husband is the baddie who got his mouth sewn shut in X-Mens Origines:Wolverine.....phewh, what a duo.

Both hubby and wifey are hot peeps. So lucky.


Did I tell you my new shoes from thekookything dah sampai?

Its freaking awesome. hahahahhah! *macam la awesome is the word of the day* And they're all 4 inch pumps and mary janes, so you can imagine my excitement la.

But then, I felt like I'm walking like Pepper all day long.


Again. Did you see how she walk as she came out of the limo to the hall at before the race?

Macam penguin okay!


Not that I hate her. I love pepper. I love her heels, it looks so cool...but now I understand why she walked the way she did.

It must have been too high.


Tapi wth! Lantakla jalan macam penguin. yang penting kasut sexy. *grin* No pain no gain kan???

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