Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday blues...agak sehari lambat di situ....

I am kinda moody lately, despite having all my jobs well done and tucked away, I still feel.....hmmm...agak malas. And thats a huge problem. Sigh. Maybe i need to go on a holiday. Damn it there's a reason why I booked May annual leaves in the first place, I don't know what went through my head when I actually agreed to push it to June.

Because seriously, I think i need to get away. Pronto.

On another note, I manage to stay tardy free since the past 3 weeks thanks to the vow I made not so long ago to0 prove to a certain someone someone that I am not a lost cause.......that I am in fact capable of being in the office on time. In fact, I have been tabbing in at by 8.15 daily (in most days....about 8am) when my office time starts at 8.30. I know i know, not a biggie la kan since everyone else semua datang awal pun tak kecoh but then hey, this same time last year I'm not even at the office till sometime close to 9.30am (oh yes, macam ofis tu aku yang punya la kan) so this is a huge improvement.

*wink wink*

Sumpah lepas ni kalau tak well compensated aku demotivated. sebab seriously, clock out bukannya sharp 5.30pm pun. Though I could if I want to la kan, most of the time of course la kena try abiskan kerja before balik so tak terkinja-kinja the next day kan?

Oh hey we got a new kitty!!!!! Thanks to Shasha I got to get Bobo to teman Izzy at home. Nanti we upload the piccas yeah. hahahha! So excited. So far Bobo is adjusting well....but then Izzy buat aksi-aksi merajuk la to a point she's purposely ignoring me tapi takut la kot-kot Izzy betul-betual ambik hati, so I made an effort to actually pick her up and layan her more.

So much effort to so that whe won't get depressed.


Piccas coming up!

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