Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tioman Trip 2010

Actually....malas betul nak load gambar. Sebab banyak gila nak mati kerja. Then gambar pulak banyak kena sift out. hahahhahaha. So meh layan gambar je ye...

Gambar last ni cute kan?


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Did I came back from the holidays with a golden tan?

The blog has been quite for a while because the owner is on a quick island break with her gal pals. Had a smashing time.....but dont expect golden tan when she's only away for 3 days.


I step in to office today with a pile of crap waiting to be attended to.....its practically screaming "Get your ass on it ASAP" and gosh I feel like burning the place down. But then what the heck. Let's just see how far we can go by Friday ok?

Pics to come. Will be uploaded once I move some crap out of my intray.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How can a lil girl look so cute and so tanned?

*my niece Eva*

OMG, nice kan the tan? At such young age I never bothered about tanning but that looks like golden brown and model pose to me. Nope, they didn't fake the tan with a spray paint...she got it over the weekend on a normal day.....but gosh....golden brown?

Just look at the cheecks....ain't it adorable?

I bet if I have a kid she will look just as cute. heheheheh. Tts in the genes. Okay okay,enough.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Kerek tak hengat mak cik tu......

I went to the local food court that my office mates frequents today and was drooling over the thought of having nasi kukus ayam dara, in which I haven't had for quite some time. Its a simple dish....steamed rice that has a strong aroma, with fried chicken and a dash of savoury.

As I que for my nasi kukus ayam dara I can't help but feel the hunger pang inside me, and as I chose my chicken and paid, I asked for my cutlery set in which.....

.... the auntie, with a partly disdain look, just pointed at the plastic fork and spoons.

Gila keji.

Ko jual ayam goreng ko nak expect orang pakai sudu and garfu plastik? Ko ingat ni charity case ke?

Dah la ko pandang dengan muka agak hina jugak kan.


That is no way to do business. Especially with that look.

Ikut hati nak je aku bagi balik nasi tu and mintak balik duit...because seriously, that is so humiliating I think I am crazy to ever paid for the food. But I shut up and walk away, with aset of plastic cutleries.

I end up using my hands.

Sumpah lepas ni tak nak pergi kedai tu lagi. Tak kisah la sedap mana pun.

Happy Week

I have decided that this week should be a happy week. So although I dread waking up in the morning to go to work....I smiled and said to myself "this week will be a happy week...and I am going to have so much fun that by the time it ends next Sunday, I will look forward to another happy week next year".


The day indeed starts with a good note. I had an early night cap just to wake up in the morning with an sms...simple, yet mengejutkan (a lil bit!).

and so it goes that that one lil short sms leads to more lil sms's that ends to...

*in which is a good thing......*


Cleared my mailbox which was almost busted due to the long weekend and had successfully uploaded some of the living proof of the party last Friday....

They make me wear a birthday hat. ini semua idea Shahnaz. You wait till we have your birthday....


Okayla, that birthday hat was not as bad as the Mr Potato's hat the Chill Babes make me wear on Saturday.Its super huge and super crowd attracting. Thank god it was kinda late and there was no crowd.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

On having a blast and multicolored nails

The last 24 hours had been a blast. *grin* I had tonnes of fun.....I have to say that I am blessed with the coolest friends in town (chewah!!!!) adn it was great to have everyone around for my birthday....

*huge grin*

Big thanks to Komala and Wen Chu who pulled it all together. *grin again*

Okay, I better stop grinning.

And guess what....

Got multicolored nails for my birthday....

Aint it nice????

And hot pink toenails! I miss my hot pink toenails. And since next week is the beach weekend week I was like...what the heck, who boss is on leave anyway, so who would be bothered with my multicolored nails and hot pink toenails?

*crossing my lah, who knows there's a lot who's so conservative that they'll talk bad about colored nails? oh trust me, they exist*

Whatever la.


But don't you think its cute? Komala says the color reminds her of candy, and she feels like eating it up.


I am sleepy. Time to nap!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nak muntah dah tengok nombor.....

Bleergh, was looking at numbers the whole morning and I have gone over, under, around (wherever la, u name it) and still tak dapat nak resolve why this stupid records turn out the way it did.....

*imej ihsan gugel*

I rasa nak bom je ofis sekarang.

Biar tutup operation.

Muahahahaaah! Apa kes, aku stress terus nak bom menebom?

Kan best if the solution magically turns up on my desk? Sebab banyak lagi benda nak buat ni, pasal si cikonet yang irritating ni abis semua benda tak boleh buat.


*Oh yes, I panggil dia si cikonet sebab the amount memang sangat la cikonet, its such a waste of time to even bother to look for the solution. They just have nothing to do that they're making a big fuss out of it to feel big. Seronok gila bila boleh give others a living hell when you have absolutely nothing to do*

Rosak plan...dahla bos cuti kan.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Live from Delicious @ Mid Valley!!!!

Macam kes takde kerja je berblogging dari restaurant. Well, am suppose to have one of my meet up with my gal pals and I ended up here first (sebab we're having it at Mid Valley) and the rest will be fantastically late.... time aku akan cadangkan KLCC, so that I can be late like everyone else. But then we use to have it at KLCC, I am still the one whose early.


Takde mood nak makan. Pening kepala, sakit gigi. I think I really really really need to go to the dentist.Kalau tadi tak pakai makeup before leaving the office then muka macam kena langgar bas, but then takkan la jumpa my girl friends once in a while pun nak pasang muka sememeh kan???

Oh yeah, last time when I was at Delicious I missed the Red Velvet cupcake so with my toothache and all I finally decided to have one....

Gembiranya!!!!!Excuses , excuses.....

Best selling okay cupcake ni, selalu kalau order abis je.....I tried the Dare Devil before but its just like any other cupcake la, nothing out of the ordinary but this one.....


And I am not exaggerating!!!!

Sila pergi Delicious sapu semua sekarang!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Al-kisah tv yang selalu mati.....

.....lately my tv keep on dying on me.

Mintak tv baru agaknya.

*ho yeah. tv ni pemberian si ex. maybe its time to ditch it and get a new one*

The thing is I don't have a budget to get a new tv. The list of "things to get" is kinda long.....and tv seems to fall behind a new set of tyres and rims, a 1 terra hard drive and an Iphone 4G.


Cemana la movie buff macam aku nak hidup ni? Takkan nak re-runs the softcopies on my 10 inch lappy kot?


"I wish that everything in the night sky is a shooting star....
...coz I really need a wish right now,
wish right now, wish right now"

Can I ask for whoever's generous out there to donate me a tv?

Hohoho...tetiba je mintak donation.


Hmm....i suppose I can promise that the tv donated will serve a good cause.

Like world peace?


okay, terdigress. Apa kaitan donate tv ngan world peace. Its not as if I am a citizen of some third world country.

Eyes rolling.

I am one?

Eyes rolling again.


Okay okay Tina, I know a new flat screen wont cost much. (Grrrr!!!!!) Still.....its behind the new set of tyres and rims, a 1 Terra hard drive and an Iphone 4G.

Let's all pray that the tv won't die on me anytime soon.



Disebabkan ini, pagi tadi rasa perut kempis sedikit....

.....pastu masuk ofis terus makan nasi lemak sebbungkus.



Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tak sampai sehari dah pergi Laura Mercier balik????

I was so dissapointed about not finding the right color yesterday that after breakfast at Bangsar Village II with Tina Banana I dragged her to LM's counter for another (free) testing.

* It doesn't hurt to try aite?Mesti test product sampai puas hati baru beli.*

At the counter we met Vanny, the sales assistant and I think she's a bit free, so eventhough dia macam boleh agak I macam saje nak try barang tapi takkan beli dia dengan baik hatinya layan I. ngeh ngeh ngeh. Bagus bagus. Suka sales assistant yang berfifat positif ni. In fact, she tried a couple of products on me till I gave her a nod of approval. Hahahahah. Boleh tak? I think I tried almost everything in the counter today, and she's very very patient.

*Mental note : Must keep her number*

I was initially interested in the mineral make-up, but then after a few tries it doesn't seem to give me the coverage I wanted so we switched to an oil free foundation and xhalf an hour later, voila....she gave me a flawless look that I myself am impresed.

For once, the amount of foundation used is minimal....but she still manage to cover up all my enlarged pores and blemishes by using these.....

*Oil free foundation primer*

Vanny says a good primer helps to give a good make-up hold and finishing, thus make the make-up long lasting. I have to agree with the long lasting bit, since I use a cheapo primer from Sasa since a month back and my make-up do last longer. The only difference between this primer and Sasa's is that the moment its applied on my skin, my skin immediately experience lesser redness and the oil immediately dissapears. Thats a plus plus sebab my skin usually just feel slightly powdery after the Sasa primer.

Vanny applied the primer up to the edge of my forehead dekat anak anak rambut tu.....sebab she says since I sweat easily, the primer will actually help the foundation and powder to set better at the edges.

Next the secret finish/camouflage.....

There's two types - Secret Camouflage in Mattifying Finish and The Secret Finish.

Vanny applied the Secret Camouflage in Mattifying Finish before the foundation, to reduce enlarged pores and helps reduce the oil. Hasilnya sangat mengujakan, dab sikit dah nampak the pores mengecil.....and once the foundation is applied....voila, lubang-lubang di muka tertutup dengan jayanya.

In which on a normal day sangat sukar dilakukan, unless I use tonnes of foundation.

I learn a neat trick today. Vanny applies foundation by dotting bits of foundation with a brush, and evenly distributing it with a sponge. The results are more even that figer application, and since we use bits/dots of foundation, the amount used tends to be only a lil bit. Interesting.....on the way back terus singgah Sasa beli satu sponge, esok nak try dengan the foundation that I have at home.


Back to my LM experience.

Once the foundation and the concealer is applied, with a touch of loose powder, Vanny then sets the make-up with Secret Finish, that gives the powder a slight warn glow and less powdery look.

Hmm.....I wonder if a spritz of water can replace this?

This girl boleh tahan jugak. At first when she's done with me I was a bit sceptical with the color that she picked. Dalam hati nanti putih sangat ke???

Akan tetapi....lepas sejam the make-up looks a bit more warmy, and after 2 hours, looks like a second skin.

Terus hilang rasa skeptic.

According to Vanny its a normal feeling. She advise me to apply a natural blush in warm brown colors on the higher part of the cheek bone and jaw lines to make it more natural till the make-up sets in.

4 hours later I bumped into an ex-collegue at OU and guess what she said....

"Look at you, all fresh and glowy. Must be very well rested compared to your KPMG days"

Ahah! You didn't see my 4 hours earlier!

Of course, since today is testing day I didn't get anything. My only damage today is the sponge, a tub of Colgate Sensitive and a pack of Lux shower creme. Oh tegarnya badan, ikut hati nak je membeli belah....woot! But the stuff is worth considering. Mana tau satu hari nanti boleh beli?

*Ada hati pulak tu*

Hmmm...lepas ni counter mana pulak nak pergi.....Bobby Brown? Any suggestions?

Friday, June 11, 2010

I hate it when the sales assistant keep on suggesting to me a color which is too fair! But i like the product!

I was bloghopping and read earlier today Lady of Leisure's review on Laura Mercier's Mineral make-up so when I went passed LM's counter at Robinson's today on my way back from work, I dropped by the counter and ask the sales assistant whether she can put it on me so i can get a feel of the product.

*I am a sucker who loves trying make-up. Grin*

The mineral powder is said to be so fine and it should give you a luminous glow upon application.


I never tried LM's make-up before, apart from their lip protector, which is good, and their shower cream and body butter....

Oh-so-love the French Vanilla version. i tell you kalau boleh pakai tiap tiap hari bilik air I mesti penuh I stock ngan benda ni. But then its a lux I can't afford on a daily basis, so pakai kadang-kadang. I love the product as the scent stick and lingers on you like a second skin.

Tak percaya?

Sumpah tak tipoo......tak percaya pi cuba.

Anyhow, nak test mineral loose powder je, I end up trying out their moisturising foundation as well because I claim to want maximum coverage.

*ye lah, alang-alang nak membeli biar terus cari yang boleh bagi nampak flawless*


So she picked for me a color. I specifically told the SA that I want to look natural and not so dolled up, and it must look flawless......and when she picked up the bottled I even blurted....

"Aint the color too fair"

She said "no"

Okay. Takpe.

*Bukan color ni. Jauh lebih terang dari ini*

So sh applied it on my jawline...which doesn't look that much different from my skin but the end result....


Still kinda fair.


Bila letak bedak, even when you look flawless, still.....look a bit made up.

Which is still not natural.


I said my thank you's and left and made amental note on the SA's name, so that next time I will make sure I get someone else who will get me a better color match.

Tak suka gila bila SA persistent nak putihkan muka ni. Biar la natural color. Baru nampak lawa.

Akan tetapi....

I love the texture. Its so light. Even lighter than the more than RM300 per bottle la Mer foundation. And to get the coverage I want I don't need to apply much pun, so perhaps value for money. So far dah 3 jam pakai and it's still nicely intact on my face, perhaps due to the foundation primer she applies before the foundation and powder.

Akan tetapi......

Its too fair, even an officemate cakap...."Kenapa muka macam nampak berbedak???"


Have to find another SA la gamaknya macam ni.