Monday, June 14, 2010

Al-kisah tv yang selalu mati.....

.....lately my tv keep on dying on me.

Mintak tv baru agaknya.

*ho yeah. tv ni pemberian si ex. maybe its time to ditch it and get a new one*

The thing is I don't have a budget to get a new tv. The list of "things to get" is kinda long.....and tv seems to fall behind a new set of tyres and rims, a 1 terra hard drive and an Iphone 4G.


Cemana la movie buff macam aku nak hidup ni? Takkan nak re-runs the softcopies on my 10 inch lappy kot?


"I wish that everything in the night sky is a shooting star....
...coz I really need a wish right now,
wish right now, wish right now"

Can I ask for whoever's generous out there to donate me a tv?

Hohoho...tetiba je mintak donation.


Hmm....i suppose I can promise that the tv donated will serve a good cause.

Like world peace?


okay, terdigress. Apa kaitan donate tv ngan world peace. Its not as if I am a citizen of some third world country.

Eyes rolling.

I am one?

Eyes rolling again.


Okay okay Tina, I know a new flat screen wont cost much. (Grrrr!!!!!) Still.....its behind the new set of tyres and rims, a 1 Terra hard drive and an Iphone 4G.

Let's all pray that the tv won't die on me anytime soon.


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Xuriana said...

haha.. ajib and me took a long time to decide masa nak beli our TV jugak, ahah.. in my opinion, baik beli handbag, haha.. but ajib disagreed. there u go! ;P