Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Week

I have decided that this week should be a happy week. So although I dread waking up in the morning to go to work....I smiled and said to myself "this week will be a happy week...and I am going to have so much fun that by the time it ends next Sunday, I will look forward to another happy week next year".


The day indeed starts with a good note. I had an early night cap just to wake up in the morning with an sms...simple, yet mengejutkan (a lil bit!).

and so it goes that that one lil short sms leads to more lil sms's that ends to...

*in which is a good thing......*


Cleared my mailbox which was almost busted due to the long weekend and had successfully uploaded some of the living proof of the party last Friday....

They make me wear a birthday hat. ini semua idea Shahnaz. You wait till we have your birthday....


Okayla, that birthday hat was not as bad as the Mr Potato's hat the Chill Babes make me wear on Saturday.Its super huge and super crowd attracting. Thank god it was kinda late and there was no crowd.


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shasha said...

errr...dari sapa agaknya ek sms2 tuh??