Friday, June 11, 2010

I hate it when the sales assistant keep on suggesting to me a color which is too fair! But i like the product!

I was bloghopping and read earlier today Lady of Leisure's review on Laura Mercier's Mineral make-up so when I went passed LM's counter at Robinson's today on my way back from work, I dropped by the counter and ask the sales assistant whether she can put it on me so i can get a feel of the product.

*I am a sucker who loves trying make-up. Grin*

The mineral powder is said to be so fine and it should give you a luminous glow upon application.


I never tried LM's make-up before, apart from their lip protector, which is good, and their shower cream and body butter....

Oh-so-love the French Vanilla version. i tell you kalau boleh pakai tiap tiap hari bilik air I mesti penuh I stock ngan benda ni. But then its a lux I can't afford on a daily basis, so pakai kadang-kadang. I love the product as the scent stick and lingers on you like a second skin.

Tak percaya?

Sumpah tak tipoo......tak percaya pi cuba.

Anyhow, nak test mineral loose powder je, I end up trying out their moisturising foundation as well because I claim to want maximum coverage.

*ye lah, alang-alang nak membeli biar terus cari yang boleh bagi nampak flawless*


So she picked for me a color. I specifically told the SA that I want to look natural and not so dolled up, and it must look flawless......and when she picked up the bottled I even blurted....

"Aint the color too fair"

She said "no"

Okay. Takpe.

*Bukan color ni. Jauh lebih terang dari ini*

So sh applied it on my jawline...which doesn't look that much different from my skin but the end result....


Still kinda fair.


Bila letak bedak, even when you look flawless, still.....look a bit made up.

Which is still not natural.


I said my thank you's and left and made amental note on the SA's name, so that next time I will make sure I get someone else who will get me a better color match.

Tak suka gila bila SA persistent nak putihkan muka ni. Biar la natural color. Baru nampak lawa.

Akan tetapi....

I love the texture. Its so light. Even lighter than the more than RM300 per bottle la Mer foundation. And to get the coverage I want I don't need to apply much pun, so perhaps value for money. So far dah 3 jam pakai and it's still nicely intact on my face, perhaps due to the foundation primer she applies before the foundation and powder.

Akan tetapi......

Its too fair, even an officemate cakap...."Kenapa muka macam nampak berbedak???"


Have to find another SA la gamaknya macam ni.


ladyLOVESleisure said...

zue, suka tak the powder? i mmg in love with it. pakai sikit jer cukup. pakai byk2 pun boleh tapi nampak chalky lah kot. kan?

Zuraida said...

yes i agree with you. pakai sikit je dah cukup. sayangnya dia tak recommend a suitable color. coverage ada tapi muka i nampak putih semacam.


next time kena drop by lagi mintak sample pulak.


Thanks LOL. Great review.

ladyLOVESleisure said...

thanks Zue, ada jugak orang baca my review yg ntahpape tu hahaha. yes, lain kali mintak dua tiga samples pastu baru tahu yang mana satu suits your colouring better. ambik lah gambar babe.

Zuraida said...

Sape kata review ntah hape hape? Dulu kan I pernah baca this entry about clay mask on your blog and the next day i terus try it myself...tehehehhee.....sangat bagus ok. Kalau tak malas je i think selalu i pakai mask buatan sendiri....


Oh I found a suitable color!!!! Coz I went back to another branch! Sila baca next post okay!