Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let's all celebrate y'all......because its already June!

Oh how time flies! With June we are almost past the half year benchmark.....and before you know it voila, adios 2010 holla 2011!!!! So far its been all work and no play for me, but no worries, I've seen the June leave schedule and it looks pretty clear that everyone is starting to put their thinking hats off and starts to enjoy life.


I have always love June, because its my bday month! Yeay! A year wiser (hopefully!)! My all time favourite buddy had already starting making plans and I feel so blessed, ada jugak orang yang sayang ngan aku ni sampai sanggup book me weeks in advance to throw me a party. *clap clap*. Love you mucho gal pal!

As for me, I am really looking forward to be on a certain certain island by the end of the month. All has been planned, tinggal execute je. So excited! Since I am in a dire need of a holiday.


Enjoy June peeps!

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