Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Live from Delicious @ Mid Valley!!!!

Macam kes takde kerja je berblogging dari restaurant. Well, am suppose to have one of my meet up with my gal pals and I ended up here first (sebab we're having it at Mid Valley) and the rest will be fantastically late....

Hmmm.....next time aku akan cadangkan KLCC, so that I can be late like everyone else. But then we use to have it at KLCC, I am still the one whose early.


Takde mood nak makan. Pening kepala, sakit gigi. I think I really really really need to go to the dentist.Kalau tadi tak pakai makeup before leaving the office then muka macam kena langgar bas, but then takkan la jumpa my girl friends once in a while pun nak pasang muka sememeh kan???

Oh yeah, last time when I was at Delicious I missed the Red Velvet cupcake so with my toothache and all I finally decided to have one....

Gembiranya!!!!!Excuses , excuses.....

Best selling okay cupcake ni, selalu kalau order abis je.....I tried the Dare Devil before but its just like any other cupcake la, nothing out of the ordinary but this one.....


And I am not exaggerating!!!!

Sila pergi Delicious sapu semua sekarang!


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