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Make Up Tips We Can Steal from Sex And The City - The Carrie Bradshaw

Okay, before we proceed nak interframe kejap....

*I mishh u Bobo...okay, i miss Izzy jugak. But her piccas is freaking hard to snap....so Bobo je la jadi model*

Back to the main topic.

*Why the hell is the frizzy looking girl with no make-up writing about make-up???*


Anyways, I was reading In-Style.com and found this nice piece on Carrie Bradshaw's key mak-up tips from Season 1 to the upcoming 2nd movie and I think its great to share since I am an SATC buff (though I don't memorise every single line.....I heart the series and movie big time!...teheheeheh!).

*hmmmm...to come to think of it, who the hell have my collection of SATC series???? SILA PULANGKAN!!!!! Itu treasured item tu. Kalau curik tak halal sampai bila bila!*

Oh sebelum apa-apa interframe lagi....

Last Friday was at Delicious @ OU with my dear Nina Sweettooth and guess what, I finally got a taste of the oh-so-talked-about cuppies made by SATC's Magnolia Bakery in NYC.

*oh you Dare Devil you!*

Verdict : ok la. I think CupcakesNChic's cuppies to the DareDevil cuppies I had most probably because I had high expectations BUT.....I am not giving up! Perhap other falavours taste better. The Vanilla and Red Velvet perhaps???

Asyik interframe je entah bila la nak go to the actual post nih?

Okay okay.

The thing I love about Carrie Bradshaw is that her style is always very consistent. Not to say that its all dull and the same, every season definitely ada improvements but the improvements are always very subtle, to a point that it you wonder apa yang different actually?

Lets check out what the make-up artist has to say.....

"Her life was meant to be something of a bohemian fairy tale," said makeup artist Kabuki, who was brought in by costume designer Pat Field for the first two seasons of the show. "I used a lot of pearly highlights around the eyes and along the cheekbones, and would often smudge glittery black pencil around her eyes."

Pearly highlights or no pearly highlights, we definitely love the smudge eye look especially when its teamed up with the smokey eye look. I think, this kind of make-up brings depth to the eyes, and if you do it right, makes the eyes looks bigger.

I read somewhere that to get a subtle yet bold eye, try using grey eyeliners instead of black.

In season 2, the make-up is still more or less the same. Kan i kata I heart the consistency. Carrie has a longer hair, which I oh-so-envy because I can never pull the curls, biarlah bagai nak mati pun perm rambut mahal mahal. I tried perming once, and I hate the constant attention required to style it. Kalau rambut straight, just dab some hair gloss/shine and voila.....I'm off to go as a bird.

On the ever fresh look, here's a tip from her make-up artist....

"Before she left my chair, I'd mist her face with Evian water for that dewy, fresh feeling. It kept the makeup from looking heavy and went with her character's youthful vibe."

Oh that's a good one. Misting your face to set the make-up. I tried it a couple of times before, and trust me it works. Tapi jangan la sembur macam nak hujan pulak kan. Sikit sikit cukup. Makes the make-up look less heavy, definitely.

In the third season the hair was still nicely permed....this is when I terkena sekali bahana perm rambut. Muahahahaha....despite others saying that it looks good on me I still think its a bad bad idea. Dalam hati macam "korang ni saje je cakap macam tu sebab nak sedapkan hati aku" but then whatever la....

OMG, I digressed I digressed.

Notice the rosy glow? Sila naik gila with blushers!!!! I have to admit that at times its best to skip everything tapi blusher is a must. But then I ni kaki make-up incomplete...if i do my eyes, I leave my blushers alone. Vice versa. Or at times I got both but I ditched my lipstick.

What were they thinking then???

We wanted to show pure Carrie as we know her: black mascara, flushed cheeks, and a bit of pink liner on the lips topped with clear gloss."

Pink liner and gloss?


Maybe I should try. I never used lipliners before.


Next is my favorite hairdo.....

Chic and sleek y'all. Great look for every corporate profesional....as it was clean and sleek. Check out the signature eyes.....by now we should all get it already....must-never-leave-home-without-eyeliners y'all.

Come season 5 they did the brow thing....

And I have to agree that well-groomed eyebrows can brings the best of your facial features, especially the eyes. I use to have thick unruly eyebrows, and a friend introduced me to therading and I never fail to thread since. Oklah...there are times when i malas nak thread my eyebrows but trust me, it was a miserable thing to look on the ugly-not-groomed eyebrows staring back at the mirror.....and tweezing is just not my thing because I am a tweezer-handicap.

So go get your brows done.

But girls beware.....don't do it too thin. Takde maknenye if you go for the browless look. Macam ada penyakit je.

And if you do color your hair in brownish and reddish hues, its a good thing to invest in dark brown-colored eyebrow pencil or gel. It warms the face and makes you look...hmm, less awkward....imagine black eyebrows on blonde hair? Not so good aint it? if you're going platinum blond....bleach your eyebrows while you're at it.

*grin. and thats a tip from me.....not the make-up artish. woots!*

At final season she colored her hair dark....

Who says blondes have more fun?

"Before the wig was made, we tested hair colors against SJP's skin to find the shade that was closest to her natural base. We added auburn and honey gold highlights so that the wig wouldn't read too flat on screen," she said. "Carrie was meant to look beautiful, but like she wasn't paying as much attention to her hair."

The big curls...don't you just love them?

Last Friday when I dropped by at Peek-A-Boo I remembered my hairstylist Mi having hair extensions and the exact same style and she said now I have stronger and healthier hair, I should go for it.

*But what if it goes wrong? I don't have Carrie Bradshaw's make-up and hair team!!!*

So for now I have been putting it off. I should just be thankful for the great color I'm donning. Still.....sangat irresistable to have big locks of hair. Sigh.

A sneak peak to SATC 2 and they're frocking the 80's look....

*what the hell was she thinking???*

So not suitable....the look ages her. But then the look definitely screams "Madonna" and Madonna is THE fashion icon of the 80's.

Imagine Carrie doing Lady Gaga?

Or maybe if they have worked more on the fine lines under her eyes it would have looked better?

Like the next picture...

Definitely better....360 degrees better.

Another look for the new movie. mostly focused on nudes and very minimalist make-up. Which so in-trend now.

"For this movie I wanted to bring back the old Carrie," said Chin. She kept the skin as bare as possible and focused on creating a natural, lit-from-within flush. She blended cheek stains, powder blushes and bronzers to create the perfect rosy glow. And for the hair? "Carrie has moved in with Big, she's uptown in an amazing apartment and she's more serious now," said Lyons. "I went for something more sophisticated: soft, brushed-out waves with a sexy, dry shine."

Despite the look being so natural, I have to say that its note easy peasy okay. To grab the look you have to have a good base and foundation color, in which normally kat KL ni the make-up artist tend to suggest the fairer tones that later makes you look masky, not natural.

Commentaries are all from InStyle.Com.

So did u guys get good tips out of this?


Nana said...

sigh!!! bestkan .. I guess when you have the luxury to spend more than 45 minutes to put on the make up then boleh lah looking that gorgeous. heheh! us mere mortals .. 10 minutes is already a luxury ;D

Zuraida said...

Nana!!!! Long time no news!!!! Me miss u!!! Oh yes, best sangat la if boleh dok umah menatap cermin and pakai make-up je and look gorgeous but then what to do??? kalau boleh I wan an army of beauticians ok, i duduk and they all doll me up! hahahahah!

Nana said...

hehehe soo sorry my dear! Been busy like CRAZY!!! dok tulis blog aje .. and baca aje .. nak mengomen .. lembab laks hehe! *guilty* hehehe! NO does not mean NO reading ;D