Saturday, June 19, 2010

On having a blast and multicolored nails

The last 24 hours had been a blast. *grin* I had tonnes of fun.....I have to say that I am blessed with the coolest friends in town (chewah!!!!) adn it was great to have everyone around for my birthday....

*huge grin*

Big thanks to Komala and Wen Chu who pulled it all together. *grin again*

Okay, I better stop grinning.

And guess what....

Got multicolored nails for my birthday....

Aint it nice????

And hot pink toenails! I miss my hot pink toenails. And since next week is the beach weekend week I was like...what the heck, who boss is on leave anyway, so who would be bothered with my multicolored nails and hot pink toenails?

*crossing my lah, who knows there's a lot who's so conservative that they'll talk bad about colored nails? oh trust me, they exist*

Whatever la.


But don't you think its cute? Komala says the color reminds her of candy, and she feels like eating it up.


I am sleepy. Time to nap!


n i e z a said...

Happy belated birthday!
I'm not the type who paint their nails (becoz I have short nails & it would look funny with colours) but I really love ur nails.

shasha said...

good to hear that you having fun!!!

Zuraida said...

thanks for the bday wish!!!! My nails are pretty short this time okay...dah 2 minggu i poting simpan la lama mana tetap tak panjang2...grrr..tapi seb baik tadi dia pandai shapekan....heheheh.....glad that u love them.

U didnt have fun meh?

adayinmylife said...

Nice... Love it... I love to paint my nails too.. N ya... People u talked bout DO.. exist!

Zuraida said...

Thanks babe. You go get ur multicolored nails...lets go gaga!!!


*abaikan those people!*

~LIZA~ said...

happy belated birthday! :)


Zuraida said...

thanks babe.


yatie sawanila said...

i loike the pink