Friday, June 11, 2010

On a long lunch and Lagenda Budak Setan

Took a long afternoon break today and paid a visit to Kenko Fish Spa @ Mid Valley for BodyPressure Massage.For the first time, I balik tanpa rasa sakit sakit badan lepas urutan cina. Usually Chinese massage is a bit to harsh on me (shiatsu as well) so I opted for aromatheraphy but then kat MV ni tak banyak tempat urut, so I gambled. I feel so refreshed after the 1 hour massage,so takde la menyesal tak pergi ManjaKaki which is recommended by Shasha.

Takpela, Manjakaki postpone after Tioman trip. Baru boleh buat bekam. Takkan nak pi pantai dengan badan berlubang-lubang kot?

*Shasha kata the bekam will take some time to wear off. And since me got parties for the next 2 weeks so hold la dulu ye bekam-bekam ni...nanti tak sexy back.*


Went to the movies with Nina to watch the infamous Lagenda Budak Setan after work. Dah la semalam pakai 4 inch Mary jane stillettos to work, imagine me strutting those heels from office to the other end of MV to catch a movie and back.....woot.....for the first time in months I realise I am still capable of grabbing people's attention....

*eh dah terdigress....sudah.....pi balik pi balik*

Back to the movie, after reading so many "not so favorable" and "disappointing" review I have come to walk in to the cinema with very few expectations on the movie. Of course, like many others, i am excited that one of our best selling novels is now turned to a movie.....but I expect the movie to be biasa-biasa je la, since many say that it is not as par as Cinta...or Sepi.

I have to say that I agree, that it is not as par, but the movie ain't that bad. There are tonnes of lousier movies out there, and I think these people should be given a break for the effort they put in. Of course, kalau baru baru buat filem ni takkan nak disamakan dengan pengarah tersohor macam arwah Yasmin Ahmad or Khabir Bhatia kan. But secretly inside I do think that if it were those people who directed the movie, it would have turned out better.......


....the script could have had better flow. mak aih, sometimes macam nak kena heart attack je tertanya-tanya what happened to the character in the last scene, how come A turn to B, who the hell is B.....and so the list of Q's goes on.....biarlah jalan cerita dia improvise and tak sama macam buku, at least buat lah skrip tu cantek sikit......

.....the shots could have been varied. Ni tak, 3/4 of the movie semuanya close up muka je. Pastu bila close-up dekat sangat kepala heroin nampak separuh kepala hero nampak separuh. Kesian si Lisa Surihani tu, agaknya sebab si Farid Kamil tu lagi cute sertain scene muka dia nampak sampai hidung je. heheheheh.

*nasib baik si Farid Kamil tu cute. I heart the corn row look. Bila dia senyum, macam sweet je. Ces...tapi itu bukan Setan. *

Akan tetapi......

I love Que's acting. Agak OTT tapi sangat menjiwai character. At a point I felt sorry for him.


Boleh la tonton movie ni kalau setakat suka suka. I had a good time though. Sebab Farid kamil tu agak dreamy.


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