Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I started off the day with a mini war in the hive, and as soon as I get back to the desk I wrote a reminder...


Though I am not in war, but then tak best la kena tempias tempias ni kan. And its a good thing to constantly remind myself so I won't go over the edge.

Yelah, sometimes sifat malas melanda. When that happens and I am not reminded of what I am dealing with I may get off balanced. That's not a good thing.

It has been a freaking busy two days. I can't even breathe. But I hope I can put everything behind me asap and get on with grooving for my bday.

Wink wink. Oh yes, I am a Gemini.

Have you seen the new Iphone 4G? OMG, I think I'm in love. If it is ever possible to fall in love with a gadget I think I found THE gadget. I have to admit I was contemplating hard between an Iphone and a BB but then, whats the point of having a BB when all your friends is on Iphone?

Hopefully one day there's an app to link both BB and Iphone. Then kita boleh bermessage2 free.

Ke situ pulak......

Bila la nak dapat Iphone free???

*digress lagi?*

Anyways its Wednesday, and I don't have a date to the movies. Sigh. Sangat bosan.

Anyone up for a movie anytime? I still haven't watched the new Shrek. can you believe it? And soon the A-Team will be out....amboi tetiba banyak je movie macam nak miss.

Tapi dah tengok prince of Persia. Tak kisah la apa orang kata, I think its cool.


Better leave the office now before I go crazy.


swit@kon said...

kak zue.
BB pliz.
best woooo.


Zuraida said...

hish. ko on BB ke???

tunggu la ye kompeni bagi BB free satu ketika nanti dengan gumbiranye aku bagi ko BBpin.