Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Yesterday was a very busy day. I left work quite late with a massive headache and a very very tired mind, despite being over-rested over the weekends. Sigh. This "cleaning-job" that I have been doing is so not in my job-scope, and seriously getting a toll on me. To be frank I don't appreciate cleaning after people's dump but then if I bitched about it but the others couldn't care less, what else can I do but just clean it up so the work gets done?

Or should I be even bitchier?


I drowned my pain over a bowl full of vanilla ice cream....

Trust me, the height is just as high. Somehow it lessens the headache (thank God for it!) but its so not good for the (ever-not-working) diet.

I love comfort food. In stressing times its good to have a cheese cake, a brownie, a muffin, a cupcake.....and the list goes on. If you want to court me do send me lots and lots of chocolate and flowers.....heheehh...tetiba je (as if la kan).....because I love flowers too *wink wink*.I know I know, I always whine about how bad it is to me but then again, who cares. As long as it gives me one moment of comfort, I am good. I'll worry about the side effects later (blah blah blah).

OMG. Satu kerja last minute dah sampai on my table. Demmit you. Suka bagi I heart attack macam ni. Bagi awal sikit tak boleh?

Got to go.


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