Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tak sampai sehari dah pergi Laura Mercier balik????

I was so dissapointed about not finding the right color yesterday that after breakfast at Bangsar Village II with Tina Banana I dragged her to LM's counter for another (free) testing.

* It doesn't hurt to try aite?Mesti test product sampai puas hati baru beli.*

At the counter we met Vanny, the sales assistant and I think she's a bit free, so eventhough dia macam boleh agak I macam saje nak try barang tapi takkan beli dia dengan baik hatinya layan I. ngeh ngeh ngeh. Bagus bagus. Suka sales assistant yang berfifat positif ni. In fact, she tried a couple of products on me till I gave her a nod of approval. Hahahahah. Boleh tak? I think I tried almost everything in the counter today, and she's very very patient.

*Mental note : Must keep her number*

I was initially interested in the mineral make-up, but then after a few tries it doesn't seem to give me the coverage I wanted so we switched to an oil free foundation and xhalf an hour later, voila....she gave me a flawless look that I myself am impresed.

For once, the amount of foundation used is minimal....but she still manage to cover up all my enlarged pores and blemishes by using these.....

*Oil free foundation primer*

Vanny says a good primer helps to give a good make-up hold and finishing, thus make the make-up long lasting. I have to agree with the long lasting bit, since I use a cheapo primer from Sasa since a month back and my make-up do last longer. The only difference between this primer and Sasa's is that the moment its applied on my skin, my skin immediately experience lesser redness and the oil immediately dissapears. Thats a plus plus sebab my skin usually just feel slightly powdery after the Sasa primer.

Vanny applied the primer up to the edge of my forehead dekat anak anak rambut tu.....sebab she says since I sweat easily, the primer will actually help the foundation and powder to set better at the edges.

Next the secret finish/camouflage.....

There's two types - Secret Camouflage in Mattifying Finish and The Secret Finish.

Vanny applied the Secret Camouflage in Mattifying Finish before the foundation, to reduce enlarged pores and helps reduce the oil. Hasilnya sangat mengujakan, dab sikit dah nampak the pores mengecil.....and once the foundation is applied....voila, lubang-lubang di muka tertutup dengan jayanya.

In which on a normal day sangat sukar dilakukan, unless I use tonnes of foundation.

I learn a neat trick today. Vanny applies foundation by dotting bits of foundation with a brush, and evenly distributing it with a sponge. The results are more even that figer application, and since we use bits/dots of foundation, the amount used tends to be only a lil bit. Interesting.....on the way back terus singgah Sasa beli satu sponge, esok nak try dengan the foundation that I have at home.


Back to my LM experience.

Once the foundation and the concealer is applied, with a touch of loose powder, Vanny then sets the make-up with Secret Finish, that gives the powder a slight warn glow and less powdery look.

Hmm.....I wonder if a spritz of water can replace this?

This girl boleh tahan jugak. At first when she's done with me I was a bit sceptical with the color that she picked. Dalam hati nanti putih sangat ke???

Akan tetapi....lepas sejam the make-up looks a bit more warmy, and after 2 hours, looks like a second skin.

Terus hilang rasa skeptic.

According to Vanny its a normal feeling. She advise me to apply a natural blush in warm brown colors on the higher part of the cheek bone and jaw lines to make it more natural till the make-up sets in.

4 hours later I bumped into an ex-collegue at OU and guess what she said....

"Look at you, all fresh and glowy. Must be very well rested compared to your KPMG days"

Ahah! You didn't see my 4 hours earlier!

Of course, since today is testing day I didn't get anything. My only damage today is the sponge, a tub of Colgate Sensitive and a pack of Lux shower creme. Oh tegarnya badan, ikut hati nak je membeli belah....woot! But the stuff is worth considering. Mana tau satu hari nanti boleh beli?

*Ada hati pulak tu*

Hmmm...lepas ni counter mana pulak nak pergi.....Bobby Brown? Any suggestions?


ladyLOVESleisure said...

Wow Zue, nampak you macam tak pakai mekap pun and yet glowing and warm. That's great, you have found the ones that suit you :) for make up I prefer bobbi brown, for flawless skin I am sticking to LM mineral. BB foundation pun okay gak I suka.

Nana said...

OoOoo nice! I pun fussy gila gaks hehe!

Zuraida said...

that's the que....lepas ni pergi test Bobby Brown pulak.


Thanks nana. I learn to be a lil bit fussy with make-up lepas sekian kena try banyak banyak dulu baru beli. Lagipun pakai make-up tak selalu, so buang duit je kalau beli benda yang tak suitable pastu tak pakai abis dah buang.