Thursday, June 10, 2010

What the *toot*

First of all its rude to invite people to a kenduri in which only YOU are invited. People, do note that unless the host insist on inviting others, jangan la sedap sedap gigi nak invite strangers to orang lain punya kenduri. If you're the host won't you feel offended?

And so the story...I actually received an invite to a kenduri in Melaka (hosted by a total stranger)from a collegue, R. A quick glance at the email and I started wondering....

" I know this person? why am I invited in the first place?"

Out of curiosity I emailed R and asked. I was shocked ny a sudden rude reply.

"Its from A FROM COMPANY R, inviting all staff of the COMPANY, if SUDI"

I find it a bit "offensive" because instead of emailing me nicely, he just have to CAPS certain words....perhaps to prove a point.

What point?

That you have people that invite you to parties/kenduri's that now you are a cool dude because you're inviting everyone else?

That if you don't accept the invitation and go, it makes you sombong/bongkak/berlagak coz you tak SUDI pergi to that kenduri?


Whatever the point is, I don't know the host. So its awakward to go anyway. And I don't like junk emails to begin with sebab all these unnecessary emails keeps on flooding my inbox, and its so not a good thing if you're expecting an email from your boss if your inbox is full so I replied again, nicely this time.....

"Next time don't email me general emails like this, unless I know them. Don't you think it'll be awkward pergi kenduri orang yang you tak pernah jumpa pun? Thanks"


But he won't stop at that.

He replied.

"Okay. Will EXCLUDE you"

Its the thing about the CAPS again!

Its freaking irritating.

Akhirnya bomb meletup.

*tak boleh salahkan dia je I meletup. I was actually not in a very good mood. Blergh*

Lets just say I gave him a piece of my mind and today.....

BP dia naik and terus MC.

Loser. Tegur sikit terus MC. Suddenly I felt like I am an occupational hazard. So I called A from Company R.

*okay, ni agak gila la. Apa kes tetiba call orang yang tak dikenali?*

And so I asked about the invite. And you know what she said.

"Mana ada I invite semua orang. I invite dia je."

Ambik ko.


Ikut jahat nak je aku email everyone and told them to ignore the invite sebab he actually sent a bogus invitation.

Would that be criminal?


puterikurekure said...

hahaha. memang psiko la itu olang.

bleh plak main sentap2 sendiri pastu sendiri MC. apakah???

Zuraida said...

hohoho. tau takpe.


zie said...

pelik nyer....

gaduh leh MC? he he he...

mangsa A and u la nie....