Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When they laze around....

Izzy and Bobo have very two distinct preferences when it comes to lazing around. Although both shares a common interest over the master bedroom oversized window (overlooking the view to the next condo....oh how they fought to sit on that spot every single night I have to throw both of them out of the room), they don't really share the same interest in the living room.

*okayla, both love to menyorok belakang TV. Tapi itu tak kira, sebab belakang Tv tu bukan living room*

Izzy love open spaces and to just sprawl on the cold floor. Letak la carper ke, bantal ke....she will end up running away and settling on the floor (yet again).

Her favourite corner is next to the small old book rack next to the living room's sliding door.

Bobo on the other hand loves to laze on carpets, sofa's, in between laundry, on pillows.......semua tempat gebu-gebu and comfy. You can find him there.

Tengok la aksinye when I put him on the edge of the sofa....

Sorry, the resolution was poor coz I can't locate an actual camera and had to rely on my lil ol hp instead.


Did I tell you the devil loves to hang out at my shoe rack as well.

Don't get me started about it. it's as if he has a kinky thing on my shoes.

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