Friday, July 30, 2010

On Red Velvet and Sushi

This week is a week of cravings.....don't ask me why, I have a sudden crave to have sushi and the red velvet cake from Just Heavenly. Nina Sweettooth says the cake is so divine, and for weeks I have been contemplating of having a slice but then I was so lazy to drop by the outlet at Bangsar sebab takut nanti stuck in a most of the time I just drove pass BSC and kuburkan aje niat nak makan Red Velvet tu.

I was sent to work off site last wednesday and the place was nearby JayaOne, so dengan gigihnya I pun menggagahkan diri driving through the after office rush hour to the Jh's outlet there...

By the time I got there the slice Choc Durian was out. Bummer. Baru ingat nak try itu jugak. But then thank God they still have Red Velvet that I crave for, so at least I went back with a lil something something....

Red Velvet is at the bottom stack furthest right.

My verdict on the cake: OMG, sangat sedap. I think its even better than Choc Cheese. I was on the phone with Shasha while having my piece of RV at home, tetiba je I went all contented with the cake.

All of a sudden tak dengar kejap apa Shasha cakp. Heheheheh. Doesn't matter kan, at least she thinks I was listening.


Today I got my other craving relinquished...thanks to Ika! Hahahahahah! Ika ni suka je kalau makan tempat-tempat best ni, and since we haven't eaten anything apart from FoodCourt food for a while I suggested that we have sushi @ SushiZanmai at the Gardens.....lagipun mak cik ni gila shashimi okay.

We wanted to sit next to the conveyor belt......tapi there was no place. Bummer bummer. I suka je tengok sushi lalu depan mata while you eat. Now have to order pulak. But then bila makanan sampai semua senyap dah.....nit only because we were hungry but also because the food is simply really good.

We started with my mini california maki and spicy tuna maki......then we moved on to something heavier....

The Prawn Udonburi.....with eggs.....yummey yummey. Selalunya I order the beef donburi....tapi hari I had a sudden craving for eel but we ended up with prawns.....which was also not a very bad idea....

Then the shoft shell crab ala sider roll came. heavenly.

We also had octopus and the baked crabmeat sushi.

I think I overate.


Since I have nothing to do this weekend, we drop by Borders to pick up these.....

*on 20% off - cheap okay*

So folks, what say you.....Dan Brown or Madeline Wickham????

Have a good weekend y'all!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gambar-gambar makan

I'm freaking bored I can kill myself. Not that I have nothing to do, I am just not focused lately that I do stuff half-way then sometime later my mind just drift over and I start to feel bored (yet again). Ntah apa penyakit ni aku pun tak tau.


Anyways, since i am bored lets share some food pics that I took recently....

Here I am with my collegues at Pizza Hut for lunch today. Mak aih lama nak mati dah tak makan Pizza Hut.....asyik Domino's, Domino's and Dominos. Motif menyorok belakang tisu adalah kerana muka sangat tak mengujakan - lately I felt so bad looking at myself when I have no make-up (sebab I look like a disaster already happened), the skin too dark and the weight gain. Demmit. Depress la aku kalau by abis bulan puasa ni tak boleh shed balik all those kilo's ke asalnya.


We had the new pizza.....

And despite being insecure of the way I look, nothing seems to deter me against food.

Ko tunggu la, malam ni nak bantai GCB ngan F. Miracle hari ni makanan semuanya ala-ala menggemukkan.

Kalau rewind to the last 24 hours pun rasanya takde beza.

We had a pot luck party at office yesterday. Yours truly is a bad cook, so I bought a tub of ice cream and Hershey's choc fudge for dessert. Tapi sila la tengok what's was brought to office by the rest of my collegues......

Ini untuk makan 12 orang tau. Boleh? Ada nasi lemak, maggi goreng, mihun goreng, KFC satu barrel, karipap 50 keping....tapi yang paling best.....

The makaroni bakar!!!!! Sedap sedap sedap!!!

Memang terbaik.


Hilang stress kejap.

Bila polis dah terlebih efisyen......

Finally, my road tax and insurance is succesfully renewed. Last week I was given a huge shock sebab tetiba je my mom call kata they can't renew my road tax and insurance sebab I ada waran tangkap. Damn. How the hell did that happen la kan. Selalunya paling lambat pun I'll clear my summons with 1 and a half year, which is reasonable enough sebab waran pun biasanya keluar on the third year kan but guess what, PDRM dah makin efficient sekarang. With MyEG and all they can collect outstanding summons in a jiffy and saman kurang setahun pun dia dah boleh cepat issue waran.

Backlog takde la tu. Kalau tak paksa orang bayar bila nak kutip kan?

The summon was dated November last year, hmmm...patutla tak terasa macam berhutang ngan kerajaan lagi, belum tiba the normal time for me to settle but then if I don't settle asap then tak berjalan la kereta tu gamaknya.

Dah la tak lama lagi raya!!!!

Macam mana nak balik kampung????

Nanti polis buat Ops Sikap lagi??


So with a heavy heard I cleared my dues and thank God, hari ni settle semuanya. The downside of all this is that I have to cut on some expenses that I have originally planned, kalau tak mati la mak hidup sehelai sepinggang.


Takpela. I should be grateful that I am well fed and healthy.

*Grin. Yeap. Kena bersyukur sket di situ*

Going for movies today with F, he wanted to watch Inception since last week and I kinda promise him movie and dinner after all the movie trips he took me this past couple of months.


They say Inception is good. Have you guys seen it?

Monday, July 26, 2010

I definitely had an exciting weekend....

Nampak gambar si comey ni teringin pulak nak berblogging.....since it's been quite some time anyway since I have posted anything. Almaklumlah, line kat umah kena bar....kat ofis banyak mood hilang cam tu je.

Eva is big already!!!! And her smile is so nice.....I wish i have one of my own.

Guess what, that's Eva's new sister Sophie. I can bet 100 bucks that she too will turn out as cute as Eva.

Last Saturday went for a netball game in the morning, then later a short nap and was out and about with Shasha for lunch kat KD's Ayam Kampung. A short trip to visit her cousin at the hospital and later at noon, singgah Ghulam Mee kat KD before heading home.

I had the jumbo ais kacang. Mak aih kalering dia tahan seminggu agaknya. But it was good. We shared that and a plate of pasembor yang tak berapa best. Sedikit hampa.

All this while tak pernah la terpikir nak singgah Ghulam Mee ni, cuma I've heard from Shasha that the nasi lemak there is good. But the we already had Nasi Ayam Kampung earlier and both of us we're feeling rather full.Maybe next time je la try.

OMG, kulit dah gelap. Tak boleh jadi ni. Banyak sangat bersukan lately. I think kena start pakai sunblock dah. Kalau tak jadi budak itam la pulak nanti tak best pulak.


We said our goodbye's around 5pm and later bila dah sampai umah I nap lagi till 7pm.....itupun sebab dah janji with Komala and Wen Chu nak hang out kat jacuzzi next to the pool to de-stress/

*ho yeah....heaven okay - chatting, gossipping, laughing - all night. best best*

Despite penat I had a late night cap and woke up early the next morning for breakfast with Tina.


Dah lama okay tak breakfast ngan mak cik tu. She's always a bit tied up with her two lil babies. Sigh. But we did make it for breakfast last Sunday but the too bad she lost her appetite half-way through breakfast. She had Mika along. That boy is freaking cute. Dah pandai jalan. Tak boleh nak dok diam. After having our tea, eggs and roti canai, we went to BVII to jalan-jalan a bit sebab Mika got cranky just sitting around the whole morning.

And boy he had fun! heheheheeh! Paling tak tahan bila dia boleh main hide and seek with us belakang tiang-tiang shopping mall tu. And he's so brave. He'll keep looking for us and just laugh his heart out when he found gotcha!!!



Tina had to go off early coz she had a wedding to attend so we said our goodbye's and I stuck around to have some "me" time.

I need to get my waxing done sebab its been a while since I get (everything) waxed. *grin*. And since it was payday, I did a bit extra.....I decided to get my hair done and a mani pedi as well.

Thank God Sommerset @ telawi is having a trial promo and mani pedi only cost RM59 while the brazilian wax was reduced to RM49 only. Gumbiranya. That's like 3 for the price of one.


So while waiting for my mani pedi/waxing appointment I decided to get my hair wash and blow at HairLink Salon and boy was that a huge mistake.

One, their charge is obnoxious over the fact that dia tak urut banyak sangat. Oklah, itu aku boleh tahan lagi. I got the shock of my life when they start blow-drying my was the worse blow dry ever. I can vouch that I look better before the hair wash.....sampaikan I menjerit marah marah ok!

First time I marah orang salon! Bravo!

Last-last dia buat balik. Itu pun dia macam tak puas hati je. Lantakla kau. Once it looks a bit presentable I paid and left. Trust me......I will never go there ever again. The service sucks....the girl was rude. Its freaking impossible!


Thank God the service at Sommerset was great.

My wax speacilist was very very good, I didn't feel pain and I like it! *grin* Anyways, what made me really really happy was my bright chilli red nails.....

Cantek kan?????

Must try! Not the HairLink Salon.....Sommerset.


Albeit the small hair wash disaster it was a good weekend.


Monday, July 19, 2010


My head is spinning like a spinning top. I have this viral flu/headache/running nose that is oh-so-irritating but despite having a written mc from my doctor, I can't leave the office till much later today because I have to sit in for a meeting.

Sigh. Nasib baik workload is just so-and-so. So takde la stressfull mana. Boleh sit back and just wait for the meeting. Thank God the doc gave me a non-drowsy flu med as well. At least it can temporarily last me till 5.30 in which later bila sampai umah I can just go ahead with the heavy duty stuff.

The sneezing had been going on for a couple of days now, its getting really uncomfortable. The running nose is another thing, its just really really annoying.


I hope I'll be okay by tomorrow. I hate being sick.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The thing about ex's

It was out. Over and done with... yet after all this time suddenly he wants to bury the hatchet and be all nice...

*click for larger view*

OKla. U want to be friends. Want to put everything behind us. But it doesn't mean that it's cool to call on me 24-7, email or FB email me daily and hang out with me the minute you feel bored.

Seriously, I'm fine. Great. Never better. Stop being suddenly "all-concerned" and "hate-to-hurt-your-feelings-anymore" because how I feel doesn't matter. You guys have moved on pretty well, I hate to be in the middle of all the good things that's been going on.

*you know what I mean*

And just because I don't hate and all-bitter about you and can be all-civilised with you doesn't mean its all good and forgiven.

So please understand. It feels really really awkward here.

Note : Not meant to address a single ex, therefor, the use of plural terms to reflect more than one ex. :P

Thursday, July 15, 2010

On Twilight : Eclipse

It has been a week since Eclipsed was screen locally and I think I have waited long enough before spoiling everyone's bliss over the movie. *grin*. Not that I hated the movie. How could I hate it since I can label myself a hardcore twilighter myself but as compared to a lot of people out there, I am a tad disappointed over the movie.

I have to admit I was eager to watch the movie to a point I re-read the book 4 days before the movie was out. I remember every single line in the book and was all dreamy over it.....and was crushed that its not as dreamy (or as exciting) as I expected it too be.

*too bad...sape suruh recap the book????*

But I watched the movie twice! grrrr! Not that I planned to, but I was invited to by friends so since I promise so many people I might just as well make good of it (because the movie ain't not that bad, just a tad dissapointing) and it got better the second time round.


Sebab despite it being slow for the first 30 minutes, the pace kinda picked up. I think I was dissapointed at first becuase they haven't nailed the I-can't-read-people's-mind act and get it right sebab in the third film, there are a lot of mind reading. But still, I enjoyed watching Jacob topless - his abs is as flattering as ever - it gives me butterflies. So yeah, that I enjoyed.


I was expecting more eye-candy than the standard Jacob and Edward huha when I first heard of a rumor that they'll be having Channing Tatum on board to play the character Riley Biers, the villain Victoria's puppet.

Imagine Channing, white....blood thirst yet with a sweet canny smile. With cute fangs.


Forget about it, they got someone else.


I prefer Channing.

*still can't get over him since Step Up and Dear John. What a crush*

Nevertheless I am working on a Twilight collection, so will definitely get the CD's once it hits the I can go back to back from Twilight, to New Moon and the Eclipse.

Sigh. Tak pernah hardcore macam ni since Harry Potter.

And I am almost finishing a second run of re-reading Breaking Dawn. Oh, gila excited nak tau how they will come up with the baby Reneesme.

Hopefully Breaking Dawn would be better.

Feeling well rested and on top of the world

I woke up this morning with a well rested mind.....sleep was peaceful and undisturbed, no nightmares. My body was light and I felt fresh,. a feeling I had not been able to achieve over the past couple of weeks due stress. I suppose the before-sleep ritual I tried last night and the valium my doctor prescribed me actually helped a lot, and I was so eager to start the day like I had the whole week off.

Seriously. I was feeling great.

I packed my sports gear for the netball training after work too, and I'm heading straight to the field after work. Okla, last week I sampai terlupa bawak kasut. I made sure I brought mine today.

*Sigh. Time to touch up my roots*

Hope the training wont be so bad. Don't want to strain the sprained muscle from the over-exerted workout last Tuesday.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I told you they just love hanging out by the window sill.....

Bobo the cat is a bit of a cam whore. Dia suka je buat pose pose manja when he saw you holding the camera. Tak percaya???

See....ada gaya model kucing tak???? Kalau I ada DSLR, boleh jual agaknya gambar ni kat media. Mata siap bagi renungan bergaya tu....

See????? Bila dah pasti 100% yang we are snapping his photo, terus buat aksi -aksi manja macam.....

Bukan macam Izzy.....

Panggil la macam mana pun.....

Respond dia sama je.....

*here kitty kitty.....(ignored)*

Dia memang tak suka tangkap gambar.

Last month on a party thrown by the Chill babes.....

*ayya karamba*


Loving the new J&J Melt Away Stress Lotion

Have u tried it before?

I got a small trial bottle to replace the Nivea Whitening Milk Repair Lotion I have in office and I just love the smell of the lotion.Since I am having stress issues and sleeping problem, the lure of immediate calm is very attractive. I started wearing them since yesterday and I found it very calming, I use it three to four times a day at work alone. For RM6.50 a piece its a steal. Now I just can't help having the bottle of lotion in my bag with me and drag it everywhere.

The lotion is the first in the line that is clinically proven to help melt away stress and better rest at night. Enriched with chamomile and hints of lavender and moonflower, the smell gives a relaxing feel that is oh so light, I instantly feel relaxed even when I am still sitting in front of the monitor of my PC.

In which is a good thing because I work with the monitor all day and sometimes I wish I can just throw it out of the building and be rid of it.



Perhaps I should try the shower gel and all...get the whole complete package to be part of a quick R&R at home after a long day at work. Coupled with Mr S's suggestion of a warm foot soak and a relaxing frozen aluminium foil mask....I bet it'll be pretty restful and comfy.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aluminium foil mask...have you ever heard of it?

To those who have been following me for quite some time, you guys would know that I love whining. I whine about work, I whine about people, I whine about myself.....and if my writing is part of non-stop whining imagine me actually whining day in and day out. Hahahahahaha! Definitely horrible. I wonder how anyone can actually put up with me. But then I suppose things work in many mysterious way, I am lucky to have people like Komala, Shasha, Mr F, Alia, Tina.....and the list goes on......or so to speak, who listens to me day in and day out. Their unfaltering dedication to listening me whine and grumble is truly astonishing, I feel really blessed.

*I should write a mental post it to return the favour some day*

It so happens that lately there's someone who seems to be happy listening to me whine over the sms. Lets call him Mr S. After an accident a month ago we suddenly became fast friends and he did unfailingly check on me from time to time to see how I was doing.

At first I thought it was just concern over the fact that I actually hit his car because I was having migraine that day. Yes, I hit a guy. Deal with it. But he was so friendly, so sometimes when I am feeling a bit low I texted him.

*Sorry J, you were too busy. And I think you're still mad at me about the I-came-back-for-the-weekend-but-you-turn-me-down incident a while back....perhaps one day when I can redeem that I'll buzz you when I am feeling blue....fu fu fu*

So one night after work he texted me and so the story goes (in summary la ye.....if I am to recount every sms this story will never get to the point;

Mr S : How are you?

Me : Tired. But I can't seem to sleep. Still the insomnia thing. And when I do sleep I don't seem to be able to rest. I have nightmares.

Mr S : Why don't you boil some hot water and dip your foot in warm water later. It'll definitely make you relax.

Me : Its ok. I just got valium.

Mr S : You're over medicated.

Me : Yeah, i got my own pharmacy.

The first in a long time, a guy actually advise me on how to relax.


I like the medication better.

Then he went on....

Mr S : Seriously, u cant sleep?

Me : Yeah, I feel like a zombie. I'm having panda eyes already.

Mr S : Do you those aluminium foil wrappers at home?

Me : Sure. Why?

Mr S : Cut it to the shape of your face and put it in the freezer. When you're done soaking your feet then you just pop the aluminium foil out of the freezer and put it on your face. Instant refresher.

You mean this aluminium foil?

And put it up on my face like this???

Seriously, I am taking beauty advise from a guy?

But then you think it might work?

he claims that a lot of his friends do it. He learnt it when he was travelling and was on the road. And in their line of job looking fresh and beautiful is essential. Like kalau tak memang kena pancung la.

I haven't tried it yet.

Kalau berani sila cuba. Hahahahha. Tak payah la buat mask sampai cover rambut semua. Yang simple-simple sudah.


Selamat mencuba!!

*Chewah!!!!...macam tips tu dari aku! Grin*

And I said I would say no but I didn't......

In continuation of my post from yesterday....I should have said no (seriously, I wanted to), but I suppose curiosity kills the cat and this cat is very very curious.

I suppose I was also hunting answers. Not so much of wondering why certain things had happened in a certain way but more to what happened afterwards, is this truly a genuine truce, or is it just another facade,yet another real life drama.


I am glad I didn't say no. Somehow when I recapped and think about it, it gave me a sense of closure.

And thats a good thing.

Because now I can put it behind me.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Playing in my head over and over again

I must be crazy.

I must be out of my mind.

Why am I doing this when its all so wrong?


Must I ask?

Boredome perhaps?

I think God is sick and twisted. *okay, tetiba je salahkan takdir, tak pasal pasal je*. But seriously, why am I doing this again.


Mesti ada wire shot kat kepala ni. I have to admit work has been crazy but this?


I got an unexpected email tadi. Curious punya pasal I actually replied one, even after I was advised not to. Okay, lets blame the work stress on that. 25 emails later and he's asking me out for dinner?


If its harmless why is it freaking me out. Give me one good reason.

Okay. There's absolutely no good reason for it.

Its all bad.

I better write back and say no.

Night out

It has been a while since my last post. I have been struggling with writers block, mild-and-continuous insomnia and major work-related stress issues that seems to take up a lot of my time and energy, I felt drained. I suppose things are starting to get to me to a point that I can't help curb anxiety attacks and nightmares....ho yeah, I start having nightmares now, and I didn't get to get the chance to step back and take a deep breathe so yes, its getting worse.

So when Komala suggested a girls night out I practically didn't have an excuse. Of course, I was dying to get some rest because somehow lately, I didn't seem to be able to get enough rest no matter how long I get a night cap, not that I am ever able to peacefully shut my eyes.


It was not a bad idea after all. I had a great time.

Since we never really hung out at Changkat before we went bar-hoppping for a bit before we finally settle at Raggae Bar. It was a saturday night, and thats the most crowded spot. So sure. Why not. The more people there is in that place the more things to make fun about.

Ho yeah. We had fun watching people. We laughed when the mat saleh did their chicken and robot dance. (and hell after years you still wonder why they never get it? that it makes them look clumsy? they never cared anyway, they're all just to full of themselves thinking that people will like anyway because they're white). We laughed when a guy ran around the bar with a trumpet and can't stop blowing it all night at strangers.A bunch of people were dancing on the dance floor, ballons flying above them and they seem to have fun kicking it around. People where having fun.It was merry.

Its a quite a pity to see the girl across the bar drooling all over a guy and the guy doesn't even bother to even look at her.

Okay, she's not exactly the supermodel type. Just an average girl. And all night she was hands-on-foot with this guy who (was short and has goku hair) didn't even bother to turn and talk to her, let alone buy her a drink. She's been whispering words to his ears and every now and then you could see him nod or wrinkle his nose, but not a single smile.


What a waste.

Even if I am not super hot men would never treat me that way. Especially in public. And if a guy thinks he can get away with treating me that way he's definitely an idiot. I'll show him that there are guys who will be willing enough to at least smile back at me and burn him in jealousy.

Not drool all over him and make myself look like an idiot.


As I stood there and sip a drink I look around and there's so many guys in there that was definitely friendly. I didn't see a point why a girl need to get so attached to a guy who's not a single bit of fun.

Her lost. If was that young I would play the field a bit, you know what I mean?


When we left at 2am she's till all over that guy. Sigh. Perhaps bad habit die hard after all.