Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aluminium foil mask...have you ever heard of it?

To those who have been following me for quite some time, you guys would know that I love whining. I whine about work, I whine about people, I whine about myself.....and if my writing is part of non-stop whining imagine me actually whining day in and day out. Hahahahahaha! Definitely horrible. I wonder how anyone can actually put up with me. But then I suppose things work in many mysterious way, I am lucky to have people like Komala, Shasha, Mr F, Alia, Tina.....and the list goes on......or so to speak, who listens to me day in and day out. Their unfaltering dedication to listening me whine and grumble is truly astonishing, I feel really blessed.

*I should write a mental post it to return the favour some day*

It so happens that lately there's someone who seems to be happy listening to me whine over the sms. Lets call him Mr S. After an accident a month ago we suddenly became fast friends and he did unfailingly check on me from time to time to see how I was doing.

At first I thought it was just concern over the fact that I actually hit his car because I was having migraine that day. Yes, I hit a guy. Deal with it. But he was so friendly, so sometimes when I am feeling a bit low I texted him.

*Sorry J, you were too busy. And I think you're still mad at me about the I-came-back-for-the-weekend-but-you-turn-me-down incident a while back....perhaps one day when I can redeem that I'll buzz you when I am feeling blue....fu fu fu*

So one night after work he texted me and so the story goes (in summary la ye.....if I am to recount every sms this story will never get to the point;

Mr S : How are you?

Me : Tired. But I can't seem to sleep. Still the insomnia thing. And when I do sleep I don't seem to be able to rest. I have nightmares.

Mr S : Why don't you boil some hot water and dip your foot in warm water later. It'll definitely make you relax.

Me : Its ok. I just got valium.

Mr S : You're over medicated.

Me : Yeah, i got my own pharmacy.

The first in a long time, a guy actually advise me on how to relax.


I like the medication better.

Then he went on....

Mr S : Seriously, u cant sleep?

Me : Yeah, I feel like a zombie. I'm having panda eyes already.

Mr S : Do you those aluminium foil wrappers at home?

Me : Sure. Why?

Mr S : Cut it to the shape of your face and put it in the freezer. When you're done soaking your feet then you just pop the aluminium foil out of the freezer and put it on your face. Instant refresher.

You mean this aluminium foil?

And put it up on my face like this???

Seriously, I am taking beauty advise from a guy?

But then you think it might work?

he claims that a lot of his friends do it. He learnt it when he was travelling and was on the road. And in their line of job looking fresh and beautiful is essential. Like kalau tak memang kena pancung la.

I haven't tried it yet.

Kalau berani sila cuba. Hahahahha. Tak payah la buat mask sampai cover rambut semua. Yang simple-simple sudah.


Selamat mencuba!!

*Chewah!!!!...macam tips tu dari aku! Grin*


shasha said...

oiiii!!!! kata nak bagi aku!!

Zuraida said...

bagi apa? aluminium foil? ke Mr S? mau ke?