Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bila polis dah terlebih efisyen......

Finally, my road tax and insurance is succesfully renewed. Last week I was given a huge shock sebab tetiba je my mom call kata they can't renew my road tax and insurance sebab I ada waran tangkap. Damn. How the hell did that happen la kan. Selalunya paling lambat pun I'll clear my summons with 1 and a half year, which is reasonable enough sebab waran pun biasanya keluar on the third year kan but guess what, PDRM dah makin efficient sekarang. With MyEG and all they can collect outstanding summons in a jiffy and saman kurang setahun pun dia dah boleh cepat issue waran.

Backlog takde la tu. Kalau tak paksa orang bayar bila nak kutip kan?

The summon was dated November last year, hmmm...patutla tak terasa macam berhutang ngan kerajaan lagi, belum tiba the normal time for me to settle but then if I don't settle asap then tak berjalan la kereta tu gamaknya.

Dah la tak lama lagi raya!!!!

Macam mana nak balik kampung????

Nanti polis buat Ops Sikap lagi??


So with a heavy heard I cleared my dues and thank God, hari ni settle semuanya. The downside of all this is that I have to cut on some expenses that I have originally planned, kalau tak mati la mak hidup sehelai sepinggang.


Takpela. I should be grateful that I am well fed and healthy.

*Grin. Yeap. Kena bersyukur sket di situ*

Going for movies today with F, he wanted to watch Inception since last week and I kinda promise him movie and dinner after all the movie trips he took me this past couple of months.


They say Inception is good. Have you guys seen it?

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