Thursday, July 15, 2010

Feeling well rested and on top of the world

I woke up this morning with a well rested mind.....sleep was peaceful and undisturbed, no nightmares. My body was light and I felt fresh,. a feeling I had not been able to achieve over the past couple of weeks due stress. I suppose the before-sleep ritual I tried last night and the valium my doctor prescribed me actually helped a lot, and I was so eager to start the day like I had the whole week off.

Seriously. I was feeling great.

I packed my sports gear for the netball training after work too, and I'm heading straight to the field after work. Okla, last week I sampai terlupa bawak kasut. I made sure I brought mine today.

*Sigh. Time to touch up my roots*

Hope the training wont be so bad. Don't want to strain the sprained muscle from the over-exerted workout last Tuesday.



iekaz said...

jelesnye tgk gambar nih!!!
n guess wat??? today aku lupe nk bawak baju sokan n kasut!!!! huwaaaaaa! cemane nk main nih? gemokla aku sowang2..

Zuraida said...

weyh, mana aci, kata nak main sama2.....