Monday, July 26, 2010

I definitely had an exciting weekend....

Nampak gambar si comey ni teringin pulak nak berblogging.....since it's been quite some time anyway since I have posted anything. Almaklumlah, line kat umah kena bar....kat ofis banyak mood hilang cam tu je.

Eva is big already!!!! And her smile is so nice.....I wish i have one of my own.

Guess what, that's Eva's new sister Sophie. I can bet 100 bucks that she too will turn out as cute as Eva.

Last Saturday went for a netball game in the morning, then later a short nap and was out and about with Shasha for lunch kat KD's Ayam Kampung. A short trip to visit her cousin at the hospital and later at noon, singgah Ghulam Mee kat KD before heading home.

I had the jumbo ais kacang. Mak aih kalering dia tahan seminggu agaknya. But it was good. We shared that and a plate of pasembor yang tak berapa best. Sedikit hampa.

All this while tak pernah la terpikir nak singgah Ghulam Mee ni, cuma I've heard from Shasha that the nasi lemak there is good. But the we already had Nasi Ayam Kampung earlier and both of us we're feeling rather full.Maybe next time je la try.

OMG, kulit dah gelap. Tak boleh jadi ni. Banyak sangat bersukan lately. I think kena start pakai sunblock dah. Kalau tak jadi budak itam la pulak nanti tak best pulak.


We said our goodbye's around 5pm and later bila dah sampai umah I nap lagi till 7pm.....itupun sebab dah janji with Komala and Wen Chu nak hang out kat jacuzzi next to the pool to de-stress/

*ho yeah....heaven okay - chatting, gossipping, laughing - all night. best best*

Despite penat I had a late night cap and woke up early the next morning for breakfast with Tina.


Dah lama okay tak breakfast ngan mak cik tu. She's always a bit tied up with her two lil babies. Sigh. But we did make it for breakfast last Sunday but the too bad she lost her appetite half-way through breakfast. She had Mika along. That boy is freaking cute. Dah pandai jalan. Tak boleh nak dok diam. After having our tea, eggs and roti canai, we went to BVII to jalan-jalan a bit sebab Mika got cranky just sitting around the whole morning.

And boy he had fun! heheheheeh! Paling tak tahan bila dia boleh main hide and seek with us belakang tiang-tiang shopping mall tu. And he's so brave. He'll keep looking for us and just laugh his heart out when he found gotcha!!!



Tina had to go off early coz she had a wedding to attend so we said our goodbye's and I stuck around to have some "me" time.

I need to get my waxing done sebab its been a while since I get (everything) waxed. *grin*. And since it was payday, I did a bit extra.....I decided to get my hair done and a mani pedi as well.

Thank God Sommerset @ telawi is having a trial promo and mani pedi only cost RM59 while the brazilian wax was reduced to RM49 only. Gumbiranya. That's like 3 for the price of one.


So while waiting for my mani pedi/waxing appointment I decided to get my hair wash and blow at HairLink Salon and boy was that a huge mistake.

One, their charge is obnoxious over the fact that dia tak urut banyak sangat. Oklah, itu aku boleh tahan lagi. I got the shock of my life when they start blow-drying my was the worse blow dry ever. I can vouch that I look better before the hair wash.....sampaikan I menjerit marah marah ok!

First time I marah orang salon! Bravo!

Last-last dia buat balik. Itu pun dia macam tak puas hati je. Lantakla kau. Once it looks a bit presentable I paid and left. Trust me......I will never go there ever again. The service sucks....the girl was rude. Its freaking impossible!


Thank God the service at Sommerset was great.

My wax speacilist was very very good, I didn't feel pain and I like it! *grin* Anyways, what made me really really happy was my bright chilli red nails.....

Cantek kan?????

Must try! Not the HairLink Salon.....Sommerset.


Albeit the small hair wash disaster it was a good weekend.



shasha said...

ya allah...bulatnya muka aku macam talam dah..!!
tak sanggup nak tgk wajah sendiri...*nangis~!

Zuraida said...

mana ada...ko je yang perasan