Monday, August 9, 2010

I want my own band of mini minions.....

.....I'll experience pure joy!!!!!


Muahahahahah! I love the movie Despicable Me. I laughed my ass out the whole 1 hour plus while watching the cartoon and I can definitely say that its the best made cartoon this year!


I can't help but love the minions to bits because they're freaking cute!!!

Obviously they're not fluffy!! *grin* The "fluffy" bit is about totally something else......I bet you would have seen the trailer about the fluffy unicorn....

Oh never mind. Just go watch the movie!


The cartoon tells a story of a villain turned good guy when he adopted 3 orphaned kids to execute his evil plan. Somehow the kids brings out the good guy in him and at the end, he sacrificed his own evil plan to save his adopted kid from another scheming villain who plans to steal the evil plan.

The minions is a bunch of yellow twiggies that run's the evil biddings.....and there's a city full of them in an underground lair. There they execute experiments, build machines and even have their own entertainment lounge.


The thing about the minions that is so adorable is that they bluntly follow instructions and even when things go to utter chaos, they are all still merry and smiling.

Its freaking sweet.

Seriously, the cartoon is an A plus plus.

Pergi tengok cepat!!!!

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