Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Loving the new J&J Melt Away Stress Lotion

Have u tried it before?

I got a small trial bottle to replace the Nivea Whitening Milk Repair Lotion I have in office and I just love the smell of the lotion.Since I am having stress issues and sleeping problem, the lure of immediate calm is very attractive. I started wearing them since yesterday and I found it very calming, I use it three to four times a day at work alone. For RM6.50 a piece its a steal. Now I just can't help having the bottle of lotion in my bag with me and drag it everywhere.

The lotion is the first in the line that is clinically proven to help melt away stress and better rest at night. Enriched with chamomile and hints of lavender and moonflower, the smell gives a relaxing feel that is oh so light, I instantly feel relaxed even when I am still sitting in front of the monitor of my PC.

In which is a good thing because I work with the monitor all day and sometimes I wish I can just throw it out of the building and be rid of it.



Perhaps I should try the shower gel and all...get the whole complete package to be part of a quick R&R at home after a long day at work. Coupled with Mr S's suggestion of a warm foot soak and a relaxing frozen aluminium foil mask....I bet it'll be pretty restful and comfy.


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