Monday, July 12, 2010

Night out

It has been a while since my last post. I have been struggling with writers block, mild-and-continuous insomnia and major work-related stress issues that seems to take up a lot of my time and energy, I felt drained. I suppose things are starting to get to me to a point that I can't help curb anxiety attacks and nightmares....ho yeah, I start having nightmares now, and I didn't get to get the chance to step back and take a deep breathe so yes, its getting worse.

So when Komala suggested a girls night out I practically didn't have an excuse. Of course, I was dying to get some rest because somehow lately, I didn't seem to be able to get enough rest no matter how long I get a night cap, not that I am ever able to peacefully shut my eyes.


It was not a bad idea after all. I had a great time.

Since we never really hung out at Changkat before we went bar-hoppping for a bit before we finally settle at Raggae Bar. It was a saturday night, and thats the most crowded spot. So sure. Why not. The more people there is in that place the more things to make fun about.

Ho yeah. We had fun watching people. We laughed when the mat saleh did their chicken and robot dance. (and hell after years you still wonder why they never get it? that it makes them look clumsy? they never cared anyway, they're all just to full of themselves thinking that people will like anyway because they're white). We laughed when a guy ran around the bar with a trumpet and can't stop blowing it all night at strangers.A bunch of people were dancing on the dance floor, ballons flying above them and they seem to have fun kicking it around. People where having fun.It was merry.

Its a quite a pity to see the girl across the bar drooling all over a guy and the guy doesn't even bother to even look at her.

Okay, she's not exactly the supermodel type. Just an average girl. And all night she was hands-on-foot with this guy who (was short and has goku hair) didn't even bother to turn and talk to her, let alone buy her a drink. She's been whispering words to his ears and every now and then you could see him nod or wrinkle his nose, but not a single smile.


What a waste.

Even if I am not super hot men would never treat me that way. Especially in public. And if a guy thinks he can get away with treating me that way he's definitely an idiot. I'll show him that there are guys who will be willing enough to at least smile back at me and burn him in jealousy.

Not drool all over him and make myself look like an idiot.


As I stood there and sip a drink I look around and there's so many guys in there that was definitely friendly. I didn't see a point why a girl need to get so attached to a guy who's not a single bit of fun.

Her lost. If was that young I would play the field a bit, you know what I mean?


When we left at 2am she's till all over that guy. Sigh. Perhaps bad habit die hard after all.

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