Monday, July 19, 2010


My head is spinning like a spinning top. I have this viral flu/headache/running nose that is oh-so-irritating but despite having a written mc from my doctor, I can't leave the office till much later today because I have to sit in for a meeting.

Sigh. Nasib baik workload is just so-and-so. So takde la stressfull mana. Boleh sit back and just wait for the meeting. Thank God the doc gave me a non-drowsy flu med as well. At least it can temporarily last me till 5.30 in which later bila sampai umah I can just go ahead with the heavy duty stuff.

The sneezing had been going on for a couple of days now, its getting really uncomfortable. The running nose is another thing, its just really really annoying.


I hope I'll be okay by tomorrow. I hate being sick.

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shasha said...

guess no kerang bakar session til u get well huh~!heheheh...