Friday, July 30, 2010

On Red Velvet and Sushi

This week is a week of cravings.....don't ask me why, I have a sudden crave to have sushi and the red velvet cake from Just Heavenly. Nina Sweettooth says the cake is so divine, and for weeks I have been contemplating of having a slice but then I was so lazy to drop by the outlet at Bangsar sebab takut nanti stuck in a most of the time I just drove pass BSC and kuburkan aje niat nak makan Red Velvet tu.

I was sent to work off site last wednesday and the place was nearby JayaOne, so dengan gigihnya I pun menggagahkan diri driving through the after office rush hour to the Jh's outlet there...

By the time I got there the slice Choc Durian was out. Bummer. Baru ingat nak try itu jugak. But then thank God they still have Red Velvet that I crave for, so at least I went back with a lil something something....

Red Velvet is at the bottom stack furthest right.

My verdict on the cake: OMG, sangat sedap. I think its even better than Choc Cheese. I was on the phone with Shasha while having my piece of RV at home, tetiba je I went all contented with the cake.

All of a sudden tak dengar kejap apa Shasha cakp. Heheheheh. Doesn't matter kan, at least she thinks I was listening.


Today I got my other craving relinquished...thanks to Ika! Hahahahahah! Ika ni suka je kalau makan tempat-tempat best ni, and since we haven't eaten anything apart from FoodCourt food for a while I suggested that we have sushi @ SushiZanmai at the Gardens.....lagipun mak cik ni gila shashimi okay.

We wanted to sit next to the conveyor belt......tapi there was no place. Bummer bummer. I suka je tengok sushi lalu depan mata while you eat. Now have to order pulak. But then bila makanan sampai semua senyap dah.....nit only because we were hungry but also because the food is simply really good.

We started with my mini california maki and spicy tuna maki......then we moved on to something heavier....

The Prawn Udonburi.....with eggs.....yummey yummey. Selalunya I order the beef donburi....tapi hari I had a sudden craving for eel but we ended up with prawns.....which was also not a very bad idea....

Then the shoft shell crab ala sider roll came. heavenly.

We also had octopus and the baked crabmeat sushi.

I think I overate.


Since I have nothing to do this weekend, we drop by Borders to pick up these.....

*on 20% off - cheap okay*

So folks, what say you.....Dan Brown or Madeline Wickham????

Have a good weekend y'all!!!!


iekaz said...

rupe2nye laki aku nk beli buku dan brown ni la.. punyela majuk ngan aku cuz aku tak belikan.. padahal aku tak ingat tajuk buku tu... huhuhu

shasha said...

waaahhh~!! sampai hati tak dengar aku cerita!!! sedih woooo...

Sweettooth said...

Sushi Zanmai pun I suka!! Smalam my bro siap suruh buy 1 whole cake but dah abis so he had to settle for 2 slices je :D

Zuraida said...

itu la...aku suruh beli takmo!!!

dengar22....*rolling my eyes...heheh*

abis? serious? orang semua gila makan kek ke apa??