Thursday, July 15, 2010

On Twilight : Eclipse

It has been a week since Eclipsed was screen locally and I think I have waited long enough before spoiling everyone's bliss over the movie. *grin*. Not that I hated the movie. How could I hate it since I can label myself a hardcore twilighter myself but as compared to a lot of people out there, I am a tad disappointed over the movie.

I have to admit I was eager to watch the movie to a point I re-read the book 4 days before the movie was out. I remember every single line in the book and was all dreamy over it.....and was crushed that its not as dreamy (or as exciting) as I expected it too be.

*too bad...sape suruh recap the book????*

But I watched the movie twice! grrrr! Not that I planned to, but I was invited to by friends so since I promise so many people I might just as well make good of it (because the movie ain't not that bad, just a tad dissapointing) and it got better the second time round.


Sebab despite it being slow for the first 30 minutes, the pace kinda picked up. I think I was dissapointed at first becuase they haven't nailed the I-can't-read-people's-mind act and get it right sebab in the third film, there are a lot of mind reading. But still, I enjoyed watching Jacob topless - his abs is as flattering as ever - it gives me butterflies. So yeah, that I enjoyed.


I was expecting more eye-candy than the standard Jacob and Edward huha when I first heard of a rumor that they'll be having Channing Tatum on board to play the character Riley Biers, the villain Victoria's puppet.

Imagine Channing, white....blood thirst yet with a sweet canny smile. With cute fangs.


Forget about it, they got someone else.


I prefer Channing.

*still can't get over him since Step Up and Dear John. What a crush*

Nevertheless I am working on a Twilight collection, so will definitely get the CD's once it hits the I can go back to back from Twilight, to New Moon and the Eclipse.

Sigh. Tak pernah hardcore macam ni since Harry Potter.

And I am almost finishing a second run of re-reading Breaking Dawn. Oh, gila excited nak tau how they will come up with the baby Reneesme.

Hopefully Breaking Dawn would be better.


ERMAYUM said...

ridley tu leh tahan gak apa rupanya eheheh yeah the book is very much better mestila kan :)

Zuraida said...

yes ermayum, the book is definitely better.