Monday, July 12, 2010

Playing in my head over and over again

I must be crazy.

I must be out of my mind.

Why am I doing this when its all so wrong?


Must I ask?

Boredome perhaps?

I think God is sick and twisted. *okay, tetiba je salahkan takdir, tak pasal pasal je*. But seriously, why am I doing this again.


Mesti ada wire shot kat kepala ni. I have to admit work has been crazy but this?


I got an unexpected email tadi. Curious punya pasal I actually replied one, even after I was advised not to. Okay, lets blame the work stress on that. 25 emails later and he's asking me out for dinner?


If its harmless why is it freaking me out. Give me one good reason.

Okay. There's absolutely no good reason for it.

Its all bad.

I better write back and say no.


Nana said...

is this from you ex?

Zuraida said...

not the recent ex. the psycho ex.
banyak betul ex.

Nana said...

heheheh wahhhh ok ok ..

Zuraida said...

wish it never happened.