Friday, July 16, 2010

The thing about ex's

It was out. Over and done with... yet after all this time suddenly he wants to bury the hatchet and be all nice...

*click for larger view*

OKla. U want to be friends. Want to put everything behind us. But it doesn't mean that it's cool to call on me 24-7, email or FB email me daily and hang out with me the minute you feel bored.

Seriously, I'm fine. Great. Never better. Stop being suddenly "all-concerned" and "hate-to-hurt-your-feelings-anymore" because how I feel doesn't matter. You guys have moved on pretty well, I hate to be in the middle of all the good things that's been going on.

*you know what I mean*

And just because I don't hate and all-bitter about you and can be all-civilised with you doesn't mean its all good and forgiven.

So please understand. It feels really really awkward here.

Note : Not meant to address a single ex, therefor, the use of plural terms to reflect more than one ex. :P

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