Monday, August 30, 2010

Binge Fest

Friday lepas first time since bulan puasa start ni I makan luar....kalau tak selalunya tapau dari param sahaja and then makan kat umah. Not that I don't want to do it earlier, sebab lately I have not been feeling so good...asyik sakit je. So makan kat umah je.

That Friday memang macam kaw-kaw binge eating sebab buka kat Mid Valley's Tony Romas with Shahnaz and Komala and then later at night went to Concorde's supper buffet with Geng Ying, Jo and Fahmi. This year Jason and wife as well as Mei Ling joined us it was a long table.


Tapi yours truly malas bawak apa yang ada je la ye....

Apa motif tangkap gambar belakang menu???

Oh, sebab I gained weight and I am not proud of it....especially bila tuan punya badan still macam tak sedar diri and terus order ribs....


Nak dijadikan cerita Shahnaz and I pergi gatal beli pancake durian kat LG Mid valley....

OMG....sekali bukak terus berbau satu restoren.....

Sampai kena tegur!

Damn memalukan.

But the what the heck. Within minutes dah abis dah....hahaha.....rasanya sangat nyaman.

Hahahahahah!Aku suka. Next time boleh beli lagi.

Wink wink.

I headed to Concorde at midnight with a heavy stomach. Damn menyesal tak push the buka puasa to another date. Ni semua salah shahnaz la ni. Sigh. But then I still stayed till almost 3am with the guys chit chatting over free flow desserts.


....sampai hari ni bloated.

Amik ko. Terlebey makan.

Petang ni nak jumpa Che Kiah kat Nirwana Maju pulak. Peria I come!!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mood Raya. hahahah. Tetiba je malas nak kerja.



I have a huge sunny side grin on my face when I see my bank account today...thank God, finally ada la nak ada duit nak settle hal kereta, hal kucing, hal raya.....segala macam hal eventhough I should get ready to have a huge slash in pay for the next couple of months. Sigh. Takpe. At least balik raya tayar kereta tak botal. and Izzy and Bobo can start to get comfy in a clean and safe home. That's all that matters.

The past 2 weeks had been a whirlwind of sickness.....migraine, food poisoning, gastric,mites bites (damn!!!!)....and I am so sick and tired of it, lepas ni tak mo dah makan kat param. Not that they have anything interesting than last year. Personally, I think param tahun lepas lagi best. Lagi banyak choice. Lagi meriah. So takpe la. Lepas ni makan biasa-biasa je kat umah. Selamatkan my ageing tummy yang banyak mendatangkan masalah ni.


Hari ni banyak benda nak kena buat.....

.....nak kena pergi vet. Izzy and Bobo is due for their jabs.

.....nak kena singgah kedai haiwan beli makanan semua. Ingat nak belikan bekas makanan kucing yang self-refillable tu. Bobo makan macam orang tak jumpa makanan setahun. Sigh.

.....nak kena kemas umah. Lagi. Sigh.

.....Pergi gym. Dalam mimpi. Angan-angan dulu.

.....nak bayar duit kuih raya. Harus ke aku beli baju raya and potong rambut raya sekali???


I have been contemplating to cut my hair short yesterday. Its a tough one because I always wanted long hair. But then sekarang dah rimas la pulak, so perhaps a shoulder length do will do me more justice.


Tengokla. Kalau ada duit lebih.

GTG. Despite being lazy, I am still being paid to work.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

TV Series Bug is back!

Random thoughts : How do u kill bed bugs?


Okay,for now that's totally irrelevant.

*still, lunch hour nanti nak pergi JJ cari Dettol botol besar punya. Bed bugs u better get ready to die, die, die!!!!*

Okay, still takde kena mengena. Lupakan saja.

Was up till late watching 10 episodes of Royal Pains Season 2 last night...

And guess what, it was awesome.

The story (still) revolves around brothers , Andy and Hank's, journey as concierge medical care providers in the uber rich Hamptons. I love Hank's character.....its in my top ten geeks next to Spiderman, dr Reid from Criminal Minds and the curly haired professor in well as all the geeks in CSI. Hahahahaha! Hank is so compassionate and down to earth and despite being a total doctor nerd, is witty and funny. Me likey.


If you follow the first season we are all somewhat left hanging at the end on the outcome of their lives.....what? Divya accepted the arranged marriage? What happen to Jill now that her husband is back and doesn't want to let her go? Their freaking broke because their conniving father wiped all their money???

Oh yeah. Its a bit frustrating.

But then those were all answered, at least a light is shed in the first 10 episodes that I watched yesterday. There are a few pointers that we can ponder;

1. Can we forgive a betrayed trust?

2. Can people actually change?

Well, Andy and Hank has abondonment and betrayal issues. Their father bailed on them when they were young and they were left to fend for themselves when their mother died soon after. Obviously, if I were in their shoes my dad can kiss my *tush* goodbye and forget that I ever lived. And that's exactly how Hank feels. *same daddy issues - roll eyes*. But then now the father is back, despite swindling a fortune in last season for redemption.

Should they trust him? a wee sceptical. But its just me, when it comes to dad's, I'm a sceptic. But then the plot progresses that despite the worst possible happens that everyone needs a father.

And over time, things can change and despite difference in opinions and bitter feelings, things can be worked out.

Hmmmm....I wonder if I would ever had that chance? Would it be awkward?

3. Can arrange marriage work???

OMG, the ultimate Q! What if later you find your soulmate? Should we all go positive about "things can work out if you work on it" and "it takes two to tango". i digressing? Next point.....

4. If you love someone, say something about it. if you don't, just let them go.

hahahahah...that is one from my observation. To understand it you must watch the show.


If you want more you can PM me and we can discuss the episodes in lengthy detail....

*yeah, coz I am freaking bored right now*


Guess what turns out fully completed this morning....

Ho yeah......I love my 16G internet bandwith.


Can't wait to go home and get lost in between tv episodes.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random ramblings......coz I'm freaking lazy.

1. Back from work after a torturous MC where I cant stop running to the toilet and vommit.....damn. Sumpah lepas ni memang aku ban terus pasar ramadhan kat Bangsar tu.....because of that I am advised to avoid solid food for at least 3 days...miss buka puasa ngan Chill Babes...sob sob. Tensi tensi.

2. Should I rant about work? Should I rant about....hmmmm....let's not.

3. Izzy and Bobo is still in quarantine.....poor babies. Too bad I can't do anything about it until they are both fully recovered. Sigh. Or at least....until tuannya jugak fully recovered. The doctor issued me anti-allergy meds today.....lets cross our fingers that that plus J&J milk bath and milk lotion (as advised by Peej in my last blog post) and a dash of calamine lotion will improve my current condition......sigh.....

4. Oh, kad raya sudah bertimbun atas meja. Siapa mau kad raya? Sila email nama dan alamat anda ke email saya......


6. Manage to download Leverage S03 Episode 9 and 10 and Royal Pains S02 up to Episode 10. This weekend boleh sambung download Drop Dead Diva and Weeds. Me = Gumbira.

7. Will be away for a 2 day course at the Legend next week but too bad its puasa month, takde la makan hotel free. Sigh. Ini konspirasi nak jimat belanja ni. Tak aci, tak aci.


Siot je.

Sampai di sini sahaja folks!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Archiving files

Being a tv series junkie has its downside.....

I have tonnes of tv series downloaded in which at the end of the day - to hard to let go - because I love watching them all over and over again- and after a while I feel the constant need to have more and more disk space.

Because seriously, its getting a bit clouttered.

In fact, I maxed out 160G of my lappy hard drive within 4 months.

Hebat okay. Untuk IT illiterate like me.


A few days back I was browsing and found out that Royal Pains Season 2, Drop Dead Diva Season 2 and Weeds Season 6 is already out.

Gila kejam!!!!!!! Tak b oleh tunggu kite ada duit lebih sikit beli hard drive ke baru keluar???


Too bad I can't just get another hard disk because I am saving for car tyres (and a new tv) so lets compress them all......compress away.....

Then we can go download more tv series. ehehheheh.


On spots and scars

My body have spots everywhere now...thanks to my two sick cats who are (both) now (unhappily) quarantined. It itches like mad, and the doctor was not yet in the clinic when i went to pay him a visit early at 9am this morning. Sigh.Thank God my mom and Ani was around last weekend, so they help me clean and disinfect the house from all cat fur.


My mom is the super cleaner of the family. Gembira sungguh.

I got the cat sprayed yesterday before putting them on quarantine and in a weeks time, need to get them bathed and sent to the vet for thorough checking. Aiyo. banyak betul kerja. Me not likey. Especially now that its attacking me. Grr......nasib baik medical semua company tanggung. Ngeh ngeh ngeh. Kalau tak ada kucing yang jadi yatim piatu this weekend.


Now I pulak kena beli Bio-Oil for all the spots and scars on my body. Yikes. Do you guys think it'll work?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


.....for the air that I breath.....

.....for the joy that life brings......

.....for the food that was laid in front of me......

.....for given the opportunity once again to experience a Ramadhan........

I would like to first wish everyone the best of luck to go through another Ramadhan. I do hope that I can be a better person this time around, some way or another better appreciate the month and the joy that it bring. I think at this point we are way passed just wishing it'll be Hari Raya so that we can enjoy the abundant food offerings from friends and relatives. I hope that this year I can somehwat take a step back, reflect and try to be more disciplined.

Though not my best, at least I try.

I went to the Ramadhan Bazaar at TTDI today to get food for breakfast. OMG, its utter chaos. It took me 30 minutes just to get in the compound and everyone was everywhere...on the road, off the road.....and another 30 minutes before the uncle who sells the kuih talam I like starts selling its kuih.

1 hour, just for 4 piece of kuih.


But I have to say this year the RB is a tad dissapointing. I was expecting more stuff.....yet they have a lot of the same thing and nothing of anything else. Sigh. Kena pergi bazaar tempat lain la agaknya.

Still, I am blessed for the food on my table. Breakfast was bliss.

Thanks Shasha for the gulai asam pedas. Sedap okay. I keep on wanting more.

1 day down....29 more to go.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Looking Tired, Feeling Tired

I have been having nightmares again. I don't know what I dreamt of, I just remember the fear and the jolt that woke me up in the middle of the night, and the feeling of uneasiness inside me. I am seriously not kidding. I have to admit that there was a phase when I was having nightmares but it was understandable then, but now,why?

Its bad enough that I have to toss and turn before I finally get to sleep and when I do sleep I keep on waking up. At the end of the day it doesn't matter how long I slept, I still feel tired and somehow I woke up with a headache.

*me not liking this*

Even worse, the person staring back at me in the mirror every morning looks ghstly.


I need a break. a long one.

I Play Netball!

After weeks of practice (so we don't look like silly old cats chasing a ball around the court), we finally had a proper netball match last weekend at Putrajaya. Malas gila nak tulis commentary.....just let the picca's do the talking...

Actually there are a lot more photos but then I think the size is too huge macam lambat gila pulak nak load.


Monday, August 9, 2010

I want my own band of mini minions.....

.....I'll experience pure joy!!!!!


Muahahahahah! I love the movie Despicable Me. I laughed my ass out the whole 1 hour plus while watching the cartoon and I can definitely say that its the best made cartoon this year!


I can't help but love the minions to bits because they're freaking cute!!!

Obviously they're not fluffy!! *grin* The "fluffy" bit is about totally something else......I bet you would have seen the trailer about the fluffy unicorn....

Oh never mind. Just go watch the movie!


The cartoon tells a story of a villain turned good guy when he adopted 3 orphaned kids to execute his evil plan. Somehow the kids brings out the good guy in him and at the end, he sacrificed his own evil plan to save his adopted kid from another scheming villain who plans to steal the evil plan.

The minions is a bunch of yellow twiggies that run's the evil biddings.....and there's a city full of them in an underground lair. There they execute experiments, build machines and even have their own entertainment lounge.


The thing about the minions that is so adorable is that they bluntly follow instructions and even when things go to utter chaos, they are all still merry and smiling.

Its freaking sweet.

Seriously, the cartoon is an A plus plus.

Pergi tengok cepat!!!!

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

Everyone......Alice is back!

My all time favourite supergirl is back on screen to fight against the evil Umbrella Corporation that spreads the virus that turns the human into the undead.....and she's not alone.....

Her entourage includes the oh-so-handsome Wentworth Miller (famous from PrisonBreak), who is definitely an eye-candy in that utter chaos.....



The 4th installment from the famous Resident Evil franchise continues Alice's journey to find survivors and will bring Alice and her comrades to (yet another) trap in the city of Los Angeles.

*As always, its not Resident Evil if there's no trap. It is made out of a game anyway*

5 things I am expecting out of this movie when it comes out.......


1. Kick ass fighting scene - something way better than Inception. Hahahahah. It should have a lot of creativity more than just the average ho-yeah-I-killed-a-zombie-down-the-alley kind of fighting scene.....of course, something better than the last resident evil.

2. The villain to be more villany. Will there be a twist to the evil plot?

3. Milla Jovovich in sexy costumes. Hahahaha. Okay, that's for the guys.

4. Should I watch it in 3D???? Would it be good in 3D?

5. Wentworth Miller to take his top off.

Hahahahha? Boleh ke? Wentworth Miller in Resident Evil vs Taylor Lautner in Twilight???

Dream on.

After 3 movies I bet Alice is now better and wiser, and I can't wait to grab a tix and watch her bring the Umbrella Corporation down.

Bring it on girl!

Red Velvet...lagi!!!

Its a collegue's bday last Friday and my boss belanja us all makan kek......she even took me to BSC on her sleek mini cooper to get the cake.

*grin...bila lagi nak naik mini kan????nak tunggu beli sendiri ntah bila nak dapat*

We had lunch at BSC's CB and later went to Gourmet @ BSc to get the Red Velvet made by Just Heavenly.

*kay okay....I ni biased to Just Heavenly since my birthday last June. Its sickening. But the cake was so good I can't resist it myself*


We were considered early, the cakes just made their way to the display area and all of them look sob good, rasa macam nak borong semua je!!!!

To those yang dont intend to buy a whole cake....they also have smaller versions enough to share for two....

See see...the famous choc cheese in mini size! Yummey!!!!

Teruja sekejap when I saw the strawberry cheese but then nak bunuh diri ke makan kek banyak-banyak??????


Patience. The cake joint will still be there tomorrow.

We gathered sometime close to 5pm.....

....that's not the birthday girl.......

...okay, the other girl is not the birthday girl either....

Diorang tolong tuang teh je.....

.....muahahahahah! Baguskan? Cake and tea.... Brit.



...that's the birthday boy!


Once he blew the candle and cut the cake we quickly took over and cut the whole cake. Lambat la kalau tunggu dia potong semua.....

The verdict....

...sedap sedap.


Nak lagi!!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Feet

Somewhere over the birds fly......

The morning had started off on a good foot. I was feeling chirpy as I drove on the LDP, singing my heart out over the song "Billionaire" over

Its been a while since I actually felt this happy. For once I felt light, and on top of the world and I finally realised for a moment, there was nothing on earth troubling my mind. I was jut simply happy.


Its been a while since I felt that kind of feeling.

Perhaps all this while I tried to hard to put the past behind me that I over-think a lot of things. Lately I didn't have much time to think about anything as I was so busy with work, and when I am at home I just kept myself buried in books that whisked me away to another alternate reality for hours and hours before I finally hit the sack.

And on every other day I get to join the company's netball team practice for a game this saturday. The team sport has been doing wonders. I was exerting myself, I start to learn new stuff, I had fun with people.

And somehow everything else just fell into place.

And as i sing the chorus of the song today i felt totally non-challant. Blissed out. happy for no apparent reason. The lyrics dawned into me.....

"And everytime I close my eyes,
I see my name in shiny lights,
Different city every night
oh right
I swear, the world better prepare....."

.... a dream.

Its been a while since I actually dreamed a hope, and is happy about it.

Different city every night.....hmmmm.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh damn I have such sweet tooth.....

Had mommy's homemade pulut durian last night and was blissed out till morning. *grin*. Tak sangka okay that I can actually microwave the pulut and it'll be all nice and tender as if it was never in the fridge.

At least this curbed my durian cravings a little. Yesterday evening dah hampir hampir melantak durian with Tina at her place, but then because I was so full with my cheese and butter naan I opted out. Ye la, nanti tak pasal-pasal bloated semacam je kan. Dah la makan naan macam tak hengat dunia.

*but then the naan was good.....hehehehe....sesuai dengan rupanya yang gebu-gebu*

Anyways, I have been crazy over Red Velvet lately (thanks to Nina Sweettooth.....grrr, kan dah rub off dah her sweettoothness over me) and since my short stint at Bodouir last Monday, I can't take my mind off macaroons.....

Okay la....gambar atas ni tak nampak macam macarron sangat. Sebab dia ada whiff on top so nampak macam cream puff (oh itu pun yummey!!!!). Tapi macaroons yang bersepah-sepah macam cendawan in KL ni mostly look like this.....

Heheheheh....just in case. Tak nak la nanti orang confuse kan.


Nina mentioned a new place at the Empire that has excellent sweet things named the Whisk Cafe and after reading review's at Pink Stiletto's blog.....tetiba terexcited pulak nak pergi!!!


Sape nak teman I this weekend???? We go have macaroons and Red Velvet (again)????


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Becky Bloomwood is back!!!! *scream!!!!!*

I felt a jolt of excitement when I see the latest offering on MPH Online pre-order list...

She's back and guess what...she has a 2 year old kid now who exactly replicates her taste and spending patterns .... seb baik Luke kaya.....

ngeh ngeh got all the shopaholics book and me want this one too....


Of course its only available on pre-order now. I tried to order mine but I kept on getting cut-off I will definitely try and get mine tomorrow morning at work. Crossing my fingers and hoping they'll have a copy still....


Kan best ifr I can just sit back at home, and read over a cup of coffee???

*squinting my eyes hard* Ntah bila la nak materialise......tunggu mak jadi billionaire.......

For the time being I am still on my Dan Brown. Intriguing, but I am tired, so tak larat nak baca laju-laju.


Perhaps I can finish it over the weekend, next to the pool. Or in the jacuzzi.

*grin* BVII

I am still waiting for my report to get processed. And since its yet to be completed so I am clearing other matters and took an early release. I'll make up the time next week when there's more work to be done.

Great. I'm finishing early! Yippee!!!!

Met Cik Kiah yesterday for dinner at Delicious @ BVII and despite the great company, I was very disappointed with the service at Delicious yesterday....especially when they served us a bad cupcake and still wanna make us pay for it.

Shame. Shame on you.

But being me takkan aku nak bayar kan? Obviously I complained and they waive it off the bill.

Grrr...Ada ke...buat malu je.


Before dinner yesterday i was actually walking around BV2 and I stumbled upon Soong Ai Ling's newest nail spa called Bodouir. It looks like a French restaurant from the outside, so I curiously asked in what they actually serve when the guy at the door actually clarified that its a nail spa with French influences. A quick scan over the spa menu and ho yeah......macaroons and champagne served during a mani pedi is on the list.....

....that's like utter bliss ok.


I was checking out the interior deco when pop comes Ms Soong Ai Ling herself....

...OMG, she's gorgeous.

Tetiba je aku jeles. Hahahahahahah! Nak jadi gorgeous macam dia jugak!!!!

I just got my nails done last week but then I really wanted to try this up-class establishment so after chatting quite a bit (Soong Ai Ling is so nice!!!! I suke!!!!) I took their card for next time. Ajak Komala try pricey mani pedi, while having cuppies, macaroons and tea.

*Grin. Gila gedik*

Monday, August 2, 2010

On movie marathon weekend and reading.....

Weekend flew by like a jiffy.....I did a 3-movie-nonstop movie marathon on Saturday, watching Salt, then Streetdance and Ong Bak 3 back to was bliss. I also manage to finish reading Madeline Wickham's "The Wedding Girl" and I'm halfway through my Dan Brown's 'The Lost Symbol". Technically, weekend ni gila full.

*Streetdance gila best!!!! Man in tights....I like!!!!!!*

I also did a lil kitty shopping, ye lah, despite the fact that I don't stock up on food at home, I still have to stock up on cat food.....nanti tak abis-abis pulak si Izzy and Bobo play "the drop dead act" with me. Oh yeah...they play the drop-dead-act everytime I ignored if trying to say...hey, you're killing me.

Literally speaking.


Anyways, got myself a supercool headphones for RM20.....finally, hidup music kat office. lepas ni lantak la korang nak buat apa!!!hahahahah! aku dah ada headphones baru!!!!!! Tak nak ambik pot dah apa2!!!

Hahahahha! Cheewahh! Melampau je tetiba.

I can't wait till the end of the day, nak balik umah and continue my othe half of Dan Brown novel. Its freaking intriguing, I think I am falling in love with Professor Langdon!


U guys have a good day ahead!