Monday, August 16, 2010

Archiving files

Being a tv series junkie has its downside.....

I have tonnes of tv series downloaded in which at the end of the day - to hard to let go - because I love watching them all over and over again- and after a while I feel the constant need to have more and more disk space.

Because seriously, its getting a bit clouttered.

In fact, I maxed out 160G of my lappy hard drive within 4 months.

Hebat okay. Untuk IT illiterate like me.


A few days back I was browsing and found out that Royal Pains Season 2, Drop Dead Diva Season 2 and Weeds Season 6 is already out.

Gila kejam!!!!!!! Tak b oleh tunggu kite ada duit lebih sikit beli hard drive ke baru keluar???


Too bad I can't just get another hard disk because I am saving for car tyres (and a new tv) so lets compress them all......compress away.....

Then we can go download more tv series. ehehheheh.



Jeffery said...

Hi..can let me know the site to download Drop Dead Diva...i'm a big fan of this tv series..:) thanks a million

Zuraida said...

i download via