Monday, August 9, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

Everyone......Alice is back!

My all time favourite supergirl is back on screen to fight against the evil Umbrella Corporation that spreads the virus that turns the human into the undead.....and she's not alone.....

Her entourage includes the oh-so-handsome Wentworth Miller (famous from PrisonBreak), who is definitely an eye-candy in that utter chaos.....



The 4th installment from the famous Resident Evil franchise continues Alice's journey to find survivors and will bring Alice and her comrades to (yet another) trap in the city of Los Angeles.

*As always, its not Resident Evil if there's no trap. It is made out of a game anyway*

5 things I am expecting out of this movie when it comes out.......


1. Kick ass fighting scene - something way better than Inception. Hahahahah. It should have a lot of creativity more than just the average ho-yeah-I-killed-a-zombie-down-the-alley kind of fighting scene.....of course, something better than the last resident evil.

2. The villain to be more villany. Will there be a twist to the evil plot?

3. Milla Jovovich in sexy costumes. Hahahaha. Okay, that's for the guys.

4. Should I watch it in 3D???? Would it be good in 3D?

5. Wentworth Miller to take his top off.

Hahahahha? Boleh ke? Wentworth Miller in Resident Evil vs Taylor Lautner in Twilight???

Dream on.

After 3 movies I bet Alice is now better and wiser, and I can't wait to grab a tix and watch her bring the Umbrella Corporation down.

Bring it on girl!


Nana said...

OOoOOoOoOo ni kena gi tengok ni!! mesti best punya!!! Mozard memang nak tengok sebab dia suka si mila tu! hehe!

Zuraida said...

i love resident evil.....i think i fell in love with milla in resident evil.


kat UK dah keluar ke??

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

great post and all the best for the comp!

do check out my entry as well ya?