Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh damn I have such sweet tooth.....

Had mommy's homemade pulut durian last night and was blissed out till morning. *grin*. Tak sangka okay that I can actually microwave the pulut and it'll be all nice and tender as if it was never in the fridge.

At least this curbed my durian cravings a little. Yesterday evening dah hampir hampir melantak durian with Tina at her place, but then because I was so full with my cheese and butter naan I opted out. Ye la, nanti tak pasal-pasal bloated semacam je kan. Dah la makan naan macam tak hengat dunia.

*but then the naan was good.....hehehehe....sesuai dengan rupanya yang gebu-gebu*

Anyways, I have been crazy over Red Velvet lately (thanks to Nina Sweettooth.....grrr, kan dah rub off dah her sweettoothness over me) and since my short stint at Bodouir last Monday, I can't take my mind off macaroons.....

Okay la....gambar atas ni tak nampak macam macarron sangat. Sebab dia ada whiff on top so nampak macam cream puff (oh itu pun yummey!!!!). Tapi macaroons yang bersepah-sepah macam cendawan in KL ni mostly look like this.....

Heheheheh....just in case. Tak nak la nanti orang confuse kan.


Nina mentioned a new place at the Empire that has excellent sweet things named the Whisk Cafe and after reading review's at Pink Stiletto's blog.....tetiba terexcited pulak nak pergi!!!


Sape nak teman I this weekend???? We go have macaroons and Red Velvet (again)????



Nadiah said...


For me the best Red Velvet Cake from California Pizza Kitchen at KLCC. I dah try few others place but CPK still the best!!!

Whisk - The texture a bit dry,bitter and too much colourfull.

Delicious - The cream cheese mcm kurang ngam with the cake

Coffe Bean - Tasteless and so dry!!!

Zuraida said...

Dear Nadia,

Hmmm.. CFK? Sigh....dah lama tak masuk KLCC, I'll keep it in mind next time I go there.

Have you tried Just Heavenly? They use the same cream cheese topping they have on choc cheese as toppings on their red velvet.....its kinda smooth.


Nadiah said...

Dear Zue,

May I know dekat mana Just Heavenly?.

Sekarang ni Kak nadia tengah craving Red velvet cake...
Since last 2month every weekend will find high and low kat mana orang jual Red velvet cake but as I said,for me the best still CPK at KLCC.

Zuraida said...

Oh, they originated at Bangsar, and they have outlets kat jaya One (next to Cold Storage)and Damansara Heights (kat Chef and Brew)but i selalu beli kat BSC, they sell kat open booth Gourmet section belakang Chillies tu.

I love their choc cheese and red velvet and dying to try their Death by Choc and Choc Durian.