Monday, August 2, 2010

On movie marathon weekend and reading.....

Weekend flew by like a jiffy.....I did a 3-movie-nonstop movie marathon on Saturday, watching Salt, then Streetdance and Ong Bak 3 back to was bliss. I also manage to finish reading Madeline Wickham's "The Wedding Girl" and I'm halfway through my Dan Brown's 'The Lost Symbol". Technically, weekend ni gila full.

*Streetdance gila best!!!! Man in tights....I like!!!!!!*

I also did a lil kitty shopping, ye lah, despite the fact that I don't stock up on food at home, I still have to stock up on cat food.....nanti tak abis-abis pulak si Izzy and Bobo play "the drop dead act" with me. Oh yeah...they play the drop-dead-act everytime I ignored if trying to say...hey, you're killing me.

Literally speaking.


Anyways, got myself a supercool headphones for RM20.....finally, hidup music kat office. lepas ni lantak la korang nak buat apa!!!hahahahah! aku dah ada headphones baru!!!!!! Tak nak ambik pot dah apa2!!!

Hahahahha! Cheewahh! Melampau je tetiba.

I can't wait till the end of the day, nak balik umah and continue my othe half of Dan Brown novel. Its freaking intriguing, I think I am falling in love with Professor Langdon!


U guys have a good day ahead!

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