Monday, August 16, 2010

On spots and scars

My body have spots everywhere now...thanks to my two sick cats who are (both) now (unhappily) quarantined. It itches like mad, and the doctor was not yet in the clinic when i went to pay him a visit early at 9am this morning. Sigh.Thank God my mom and Ani was around last weekend, so they help me clean and disinfect the house from all cat fur.


My mom is the super cleaner of the family. Gembira sungguh.

I got the cat sprayed yesterday before putting them on quarantine and in a weeks time, need to get them bathed and sent to the vet for thorough checking. Aiyo. banyak betul kerja. Me not likey. Especially now that its attacking me. Grr......nasib baik medical semua company tanggung. Ngeh ngeh ngeh. Kalau tak ada kucing yang jadi yatim piatu this weekend.


Now I pulak kena beli Bio-Oil for all the spots and scars on my body. Yikes. Do you guys think it'll work?


fatster said...

bio-oil doesn't work on me.
but i dunno if it's because of the scars (back-acne to be exact) or my skin.
damn it's so hard to get rid of backne's!
can't wear anything bare back :(

Zuraida said...

dear fatser,

i have mild backne too tapi i dont really give a rat's ass and sometimes just go to heck with it and go bare back....hahahaha. there's more to life than just worrying bits. anyways, dulu pernah jumpa the brand Dr FeelGood kat pharmacy, have u tried that?

peej said...

pija pernah kena. yg ada kutu kucing gigit kita yea?
well mmg susah nak hilang terus. but pija pakai showel gel johnson baby milk bath. n lotion pun baby milk. bukan yg biasa tau. tp yg milk tu. alhamdulillah dah takda scar2 tu semua. dulu penuh kt kaki. horror. gila.

Zuraida said...


oh ye...itu la dia. sekarang ni dok sapu calamine lotion tiap2 hari....its weird my skin is whitish all over. nanti la, i try the baby milk bath.



fatster said...

urs is mild, while mine is chronic!
drfeelgood must be good eh?
is it for backne?
will definitely give it a try.
thanks a bucket!

Zuraida said...

Mild. heheheh.
if you see whats happening to me now u will cry.


Anyways, I was itching like mad yesterday and found my deriva gel and god finally, the itchiness went away and all the tiny bubbles dried up within hours. I gel was issued to me last year by my dermatologist for my acne. Perhaps u want to try that too?